I Only Wish

When I look in your eyes, I get a feeling like an animal trapped in a snare. My breath taken. When I make you smile, My heart melts. When I make you laugh, It's poetry in motion.

Everyday I see you. Your there, I've felt you. Your not a dream, your not some wonderful thing I made up. Your my one and only... Only I don't think you feel the same.

I know you smile, I know you laugh. So why do you turn from me?

When you play around with me and say, "She's mine." Hold me close and then moving away and giggling, It crushes me. The pain I have, knowing you'll turn away again. It's a sick feeling in my stomach, In my heart. Someone says you like me, I shook my head and laughed. "Yea, right." I'd say, only thinking. "I only wish...."

You and me, were so alike, I never imagined. It's scary, it's frightening. I only wish we could be closer. I only wish we could be together.