I wrote this just after the incident with the twin towers. Now, apart from
the reference to New York, it seems rather fitting for the crisis in Iraq


There were so many things I wanted to say,
But I couldn't find the words,
What kind of person can knowingly cause,
All this pain, all this hurt?

All the security man kind felt,
In just one moment was destroyed,
Who could do this without feeling guilt?
By whom were they employed?

So many lives lost, so many hearts broken,
So much sorrow, so much pain,
Who in the world could be so outspoken?
What could they hope to gain?

Now where the tallest buildings stood,
In New York's skyline, there is a void,
An act which stood against all that's good,
A disaster no one could avoid.

So, from this disaster, what can we learn?
Without causing any more pain,
Can some security be returned?
Can we prevent this happening again?
A/N: the spacing has been fixed, hopefully it's easier to read now.
Blessed Be,
Andaren xxx