By:Andrew Troy Keller

There are whole lot of sins in the world today,including those that are too disturbing to live with.
Murder was one of those sins--and on Wednesday,March 26th,that type of sin had claimed two more victims,Richard Franklin and his wife,Maggie.
After their victims had been murdered and they had scooped up all of their loot,the Franklins' killers had gotten themselves out of the house and into a waiting van.
And after they had themselves out of the driveway and towards a vacant lot,the killers had started to divide the loot between them.
But that was before something had happened--something that had made them wish that they hadn't commited such a dastardly sin.
After the get away driver had gotten her share of the loot and began to giggle so gleefully,a breeze of hot air had blown itself on her neck,causing her to turn around with a shocked look on her face to find out who it was behind her.
And when she had discovered that there was no one behind her,she had started to wonder whether she was going crazy or not.
But then,after she had turned towards her partners in crime and discovered that they had all disappeared,the driver had gotten a gun out of the van and started looking for the ones who--according to her--had double crossed her.
However,as soon as she was finally able to find them,they were all dead.
And then,after a terrified get away driver had took three steps back and turned to make a run for it,she was shocked to discover the ghost of Richard Franklin standing in front of her and saying,"You know what they say,Erica!Tooth for a tooth,eye for an eye,die for a die!"
After she had screamed bloody murder,Richard's ghost had lifted himself and Erica away from the scene.
No one has seen,nor heard from Erica ever again.