Passing Night

~by Paperclippe (4/4/2)

Moonlight catches waterdrops

Wind blows cold and all time stops

The night is cool, the air is crisp

My eyes find nothing but the mist

Thoughts drift back to memories

Phantom tune floats on the breeze

I know the time, it's midnight hour

The earth is soft after the shower

Irridescence in the air

Dew collects upon my hair

All around, the perfect night

My senses racing at their height

My skin is warm after the kill

My heart is strong, as is my will

Fresh blood trickles down my chin

Breathe in, then out, then in again

Lying on the dewie grass

Stare into space as more clouds pass

Taste the sweetness of the rain

The only time I feel no pain

The darkness is my only friend

But daylight's just around the bend

Rise from the grass, I'm flying high

Far into the starry sky

Wind whips my hair into my face

Earth can be a peaceful place

My silhouette upon the ground

In the air, without a sound

I'm wishing that the sun won't rise

For it will be my sure demise

But still the night, the peaceful calm

Will yet be broken by the dawn

I sigh a deep and heartfelt sigh

And take myself from the night sky

I set myself upon the rock

The tallest tower, highest block

In might sight, on ground below

The last remaining patch of snow

Dark clouds pass over the moon

Shadow falling, making gloom

Perfection lost, this time again

Walk to my door and enter in

Remove my shoes, covered in earth

And light a fire in the hearth

Now to my chambers, I retire

For day's no place for a vampire