As I lay in bed one night, my soul in turmoil, I finally decided to set forth in prayer and turn on some soothing Christian music. While listening to it, the power of the Holy Spirit came upon me, and I wrote this poem under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

(No Title)

When I am left,

With the doubts in my mind,

I long for an answer,

Longing just to find,

More than just comfort,

More than just hope.

For Your love is strong,

Like a well woven rope.

And as I hoped,

You are there for me,

To open my eyes,

And help me to see.

Instantly I am engulfed,

By the comfort of Your love,

And peace overwhelms me,

Like the flight of a dove.

Your grace enthralls me,

Your majesty brings grace,

Your love means more,

And helps me accomplish the race.

The race to live my life,

To pass on Your word of love,

To those who need it most.

You are the God,

In Whom I serve.

And Your love is great,

Much greater than words.

For it's only through you,

We can truly be whole.

And it's only through You,

We accomplish this role.