A/N: I'm warning you now. I have you unique opinions, and I don't mind if you try and prove YOUR point to me, as long as you understand that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. And if you do disagree, you must tell me why I am wrong, and have information to back yourselves up, instead of just saying I'm wrong. If you do that I'll ignore it. Essay

First of all, I have to explain, that I may hop from subject to subject as I am sort of working this out in my head at the same time. Ok, let me start at the beginning. I mean the very beginning. Like the start of Earth beginning. Now this is the hardest part. I don't really know how Earth came to be. I believe in something of the sort of the Big Bang theory. Maybe, Earth was already a planet but something in the air changed, chemicals or something, which started growth of things on earth.

Well then, how did man come to be, you ask? My opinion is that man evolved. I hate to use this an example, because it sounds racist, but I must. Ever noticed how African/Black people have skulld shaped very much like a primate o some sort? Well, this explains how we came to be, just by itself, but then I must ask myself, 'What about chinesepeople, for instance?' they look nothing like an ape. Ok, I have a theory for this too. What if, maybe, all the different types of people came from a different species? That would explain the differences in our structure, maybe even another animal! I know you guys reading this are thinking I'm nuts right? Wait, keep reading. I have more.

As for the debate of God. Brace yourselves. If you are very devoted to God, I suggest you not read this. I might give you a heart attack. Ok, my opinion is that there is no god. I find it in my mind VERY hard to believe that there is some person above watching over us. Sure I believe there are probab;y higher forces in the universe we don't know about, but I don't believe in God. I believe that there was a Jesus, but I don't really think he was as great as he was made out to be. Sure I believe in the things he spoke out about, Like loving one another, and stuff, but I really do not think he is the son of God. Then you're asking, what about the Virgin Mary? Ah, well this is tricky. I don't really think there was a Virgin Mary. Sure Jesus had a Mom, but she wasn't a virgin, unless there was some scientific miracle going on. Ah, miracles. No such thing. Just luck. Sure some people are extremely lucky, what some of you would call "miracles" that happen, I call matters of luck, or even coincidence.

If any of you would like to know more of my thoughts. Contact me. Feel free to debate, as I love to debate, and as I said, I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so I won't put you down. As long as what you say isn't too absurd. I'll post more if I forget anything.