Life it seems is filled with cruel hypocrisy. As I view the Christians around me today, I begin to realize why so many people are turned off by Christianity. Now, that's not saying it's because of all Christians, because I know some amazing Christians out there. But I see the immaturity, cruelness and stubbornness of these people who call themselves 'Christians' played out every day. Rather than explaining God's love to the world, and letting them choose and decide for themselves, these 'Christians' shove it down the world's throat, attempting to force everyone to believe. Does God not teach us that we are not only to be passive, but that he gave us the freedom of choice so that when we follow him, it's because we choose to, not because he says we have to? But, while shoving the Christianity down the World's throat, these 'Christians' also disrespect every other persons' opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just because they believe differently than we do, does not mean that we have the right to condemn them to hell. For does God not say, "Judge not, lest ye be judged"? It is God's job to place judgment upon man for the condemnation unto hell, not Man's job.

But, what puzzles me even further are the 'Christians' who walk around, putting everyone else down, acting all high and mighty, swearing and cursing at non-believers, and giving them the cold shoulder, showing nothing of the love our Father tells us to give. We are to love our enemies, not treat them like trash. Yet all around me this is what I see. Even within my own Youth Group, where the youth there are supposed to be great Christians, they even treat fellow Christians this way. So then, how are they treating non-Christians?

I now am starting to realize why people automatically label Christians the way they do, or hold grudges against anyone who dares to speak up for God. Not because Christians have our own beliefs, but because many 'Christians' are not allowing anyone to have their own beliefs and make decisions for themselves. The World is a cruel place..... and as Christians, we should be doing something to make it better, not worse.

This is not a rant to any Christian who is true to God's word and tries they're best to do as God instructs, but rather, a rant to the types of Christians mentioned above. It torments me that any Christian could behave in these ways and still call themselves Christians. I Just don't understand it.