Jill - I don't think you entirely understood what I was saying. I too am a Christian, and a strong one. I do talk to others about my faith when the time is right. But, the situations I was talking about were ones that over the past 6-8 months I have seen arise. Situations where the 'Christians' from the Youth Group that I joined about 4 months ago treat everyone else like they are worth nothing because they're not as high up as them. This essay was not directed at all Christians because I do know many that aren't like that. It was directed purely at the people who call themselves Christians and then act like that towards others. AS for the non-Christians calling Christians selfish and hypocritical part, as was with the rest of the essay, I was going by what I have seen. I have lots of non-Christian friends, more than I have Christian friends, and sadly, I have been told by many of them I'm the only Christian they know who respects their decisions that they make in life and doesn't force my beliefs on everyone else. I never said that all Atheists were perfect either. You saw what you wanted to think I was saying. I was in no way bashing the Christian religion, nor bashing Christians in general. I was stating what I find to be difficult to understand how so many Christians can act that way.