I Once Had Dreams

I was once a child, holy and pure,
I once had dreams, beautiful dreams,
Those of a child's mind, chaste and naïve,
But those are now left in their own realms.

Now all I have are splintered shards of hope,
Fragmented and useless like broken glass,
I have nothing I can hold on to,
And I wonder when my last will come to pass.

I once believed a God way up there,
Could solve all my worries and all my cares,
I wish I still had the faith of a child,
For now my problems entrap me like snares.

I used to think true friendship existed,
But now it seems every1's out to get my back,
I developed an unshakable sense of paranoia,
And I am left insecure, a safe haven I lack.

I loved to play and I was carefree,
I dreamt of oceans and jungles and happiness,
Those were forgotten and now I only know,
I am lost in a world of senselessness.

I remember I once witnessed a gang fight,
"Mommy," I asked, "Why do they fight each other?"
She said," They are naughty and shouldn't do this.
Don't ever follow them when you grow older."

Then, I wished someday everyone would be good,
I dreamt that no one would have to shed tears,
I thought that people would someday live in peace,
And Man will cease to know any fears.

I guessed I was wrong, so disillusionized
But those were images formed in an innocent mind,
It was not our fault we grew up overnight,
To find we had to learn the wicked ways of Mankind.

The dreams I have now are unlike they were,
I used to think of making things right and making things flow,
When I dreamt of growing strong to save many souls,
But now that I am halfway grown, those were dreams of long ago.

What I see now is drenched in hate and sin,
For me all truths have been soaked in blood,
And the dream today is to be the child I was,
For the hope I held with conviction has been trampled in the mud.

Nothing is as wonderful and precious as a child's untainted heart,
But society's cruel hands have stained it black,
The future looks even bleaker for the new generation,
And even as I write there is no turning back.

I dreamt big dreams, I dreamt small dreams,
Dreams I placed my whole life on,
The broken bits and pieces I now remember,
Can't even carry me through for long.

I loved my life, but realized it was a fantasy,
As I watched my dreams crumble to dust,
And now with no dream to live for,
My life is left to rust.

Written: 23.03.03

A/N: It may sound clichéd. ... ... Ok, someone justtell meit is. Besides I was never "holy and pure", although to say this was about me would be untrue.

- ®Pris Yeo® -