Fate will never Tell.

Chapter four

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Simon walked into his home and sighed disgusted; who ever said that small towns don't have their problems was either a liar or has never been to a small town. Or both.
                Simon ignored his parent's drunken fighting and walked up stairs, "I'm home." He called softly so not to attract the attention of the parents.
                His little sister – one of them anyway – walked out of her room and smiled, "Hey. They've made a new record, two hours and counting."
                Simon sighed going to his room and dropped onto the bed, his head in his hands, "I need to get out of here."
                Katie – his little sister of twelve – walked in and sat next to him, "Well you only have two more years, I have…I don't want to know."
                Simon smiled at Katie and hugged her, "I know."
                Katie returned the hug and looked up at the door and smiled, "Hey Amber."
                The youngest of Simon's sisters smiled and walked in, at only eight she looked far older then she really was, "Can we go somewhere?" She asked as something broke down stairs.
                Simon nodded and picked up the phone and dialed a number he knew by heart, "Hi, is Sandy there?" He paused, "Hey Sandy, we were thinking about going somewhere. Want to come?" The teen had no reason to say what he meant by 'we' it was an old code that they've used often.  He smiled and nodded at the phone, "Great, we'll meet you there." He hung up the phone and smiled at his two sisters, "Go get dressed, we're meeting Sandy at the ice cream store."
                His sisters jumped up and down then ran to their rooms to get dressed.
                Muttering Simon walked down stairs and poked his head slowly into the den, "Um, I'm taking Katie and Amber to the ice cream store."
                Both of his parents snarled and waved him away.
                Simon waited at the bottom of the stairs for his sisters, when they come down all three of them quickly left.

Sandy greeted them with a smile and hug. Simon gave Katie ten bucks and told her to get something for her and Amber. Turning to his friend he gestured to a table. Sandy sat still smiling and brushed a stray piece of hair out of her face, "So things same old same old?"
                Simon waved her question way, "It's doesn't matter." He looked at Sandy with worried green eyes, "What's going on with you?"
                Sandy smiled and looked over at Katie and Amber who had just finished getting their ice cream, "Nothing."
                Simon gently touched her face, "Don't lie to me, you can't do it remember?"
                Sandy wrinkled her nose, "I found Cathie cutting in the bathroom."
                Simon arched an eyebrow, "Cathie? Really?" he didn't really sound too surprised at the fact.
                Sandy noted the lack of surprise, "You knew didn't you?"
                Simon shrugged, "I guessed. Always wearing long sleeves or a jacket, that and jeans. Even I don't wear jeans all summer."
                Sandy bit her lip, but smiled when Katie and Amber came back to give Simon the change; sensing that the two teens were talking about something important, Katie picked a table not too far off for her and her sister to sit at. Simon put the change into his wallet and looked at Sandy, "So what did you do about it?"
                Sandy got up, "Nothing. I'm getting some ice cream." Simon nodded and followed. After they ordered and paid for their ice cream, they sat back down. She took a bite of her ice cream, "I couldn't do anything. If I tried it probably would have made things worse."
                Simon nodded, "That it might." He looked at his friend with thoughtful green eyes, "Didn't use any leverage did you?"
                Sandy stuck her tongue out at Simon, "You know me too well." Simon just smiled and waited for Sandy to continue talking. Sandy sighed, "I told her that Rhea might like her."
                Simon grinned, "That was cruel." He looked over at his sisters making sure they were fine.
                Sandy returned his grin, "It's not if it's true." She played with her ice cream for a moment, "I'm doing script for a play that the school wants to do for "Diversity Week" and I was thinking…" Sandy trailed off thinking.
                Simon gave her a few moments before poking her with his foot under the table, "Thinking?"
                Sandy gave Simon a look, which made the 6'3'' teen shift in his chair, "What do you think about Don and Jinx?"
                Simon blinked, "What do I think about what about them?"
                "Was that even English?" Sandy asked. At Simon's grin she shook her head, "Never mind. But really what do you think?"
                Simon shrugged looking thoughtful, "I know that Jinx isn't straight, I've known/guessed for quite sometime. That and what Don pulled a few days ago back at the church." He shrugged again, "There might be something going on."
                Sandy nodded and smiled when the door opened and the teens in question walked in, "Hey, I thought you guys weren't going to show up."
                Don smiled and sat down, "Sorry, we were helping my dad set up the restaurant."
                Jinx sat next to Sandy and smiled, he looked tired. Sandy propped her chin in her hand and looked at Jinx, "Not getting a lot of sleep are we?"
                Jinx slanted his blue eyes at her, then put his head on the table and went to sleep.  The others looked at Jinx, smiling and started to talk about random things.
                Sandy and Simon both saw the look of fondness that Don gave Jinx as the black haired boy slept.

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