Fate will never Tell

Chapter five

                The week past slowly for Don and Jinx, they spent most of their time helping Don's dad fix up the café that he had bought. Friday was the end of summer party that would be held by the lake.
                After near three weeks of pestering Simon and Sandy had convinced – pestered – Don and Jinx into going to the 'End of Summer' dance.  If only for an hour.

                Don blushed and looked between Jinx, Simon and Sandy, "What?" They had been staring at him funny for quite some time now.
                "Your mom was the Square Queen and you don't know how to line dance?" Sandy said dryly. The Square Queen was an award given to the best female square and line dancer at the high school.
                Don stuck his tongue out at her, "I know how to line dance…just not the kind you're talking about."
                Simon chuckled, "That's ok, Jinx here will teach ya."
                Jinx blinked at Simon, "I'm going to what?"
                Sandy saw her friend's quick wink and grinned wickedly at Jinx, "Yeah, you can teach Don how to line and square dance."
                "But we don't do a lot of that kind of dancing at the party…if we dance at all." Jinx pointed out, a worried look in his blue eyes.
                Simon grinned, "Well, he still needs to know it."
                Jinx looked over at Don who smiled and shrugged. Jinx sighed, defeated, "All right."
                Simon and Sandy grinned at each other a knowing look exchanged between them.


                Jinx through his hands up, "You're hopeless." He had been trying to teach Don the basics of square dancing for about two hours.
                Don's lips twitched as he looked at Jinx with amused amber eyes. Jinx looked at him, "What?"
                Don smiled fully, "You look cute when you're miffed."
                Jinx blushed, still not use to the whole having-a-boyfriend-thing. Don chuckled and walked up to him, hugging him lightly around the waist, "Even more so when you blush."
                Jinx narrowed his eyes at Don, but the other teen could tell that Jinx was biting his lip to keep from smiling. Don chuckled and kissed Jinx lightly on the lips. Sighing Jinx leaned against Don, wrapping his arms around Don's waist deepening the kiss. One of Don's hands left its place on Jinx's hips and lightly ran over the other teen's side. Jinx shivered at the new touch, leaning into Don's hand, blushing Jinx brushed his tongue over Don's lips. Don smiled and opened his mouth licking Jinx's tongue softly. Gasping quietly Jinx pulled back in studied Don who just arched an eyebrow at him.
                Jinx licked his lips, blue eyes thoughtful. Smiling he leaned in and kissed Don fully. Don kissed him back just as fully, his fingers tangling lightly in Jinx's soft black locks. Jinx moaned softly into Don's mouth as their tongues flirted; Don pulled the other teen tight to his body, his hands roaming over Jinx's well-toned body.
                A knock on the door had them jumping apart and blushing profusely. Clearing his throat and looking at Jinx, Don gave him a wary smile; he walked over and opened the door, "Hi mom."
                Anne smiled at him, "Did I interrupt something?"
                Don gave his mom a dry look, "No. What is it?"
                Anne rolled her amber eyes, "Simon and Sandy are here to make sure you come to the party."  
                "Oh for…all right." Don looked over at Jinx, "Ready?"
                Jinx blinked and nodded, then followed Don down stairs to meet their friends.


                Jinx smiled and leaned over to talk into Don's ear, "You look bored to death."  
                Don smiled back, "I am."
                Jinx chewed on his lip thinking, "Well, all right then." He got up and walked off. Finding Sandy and Simon slow dancing Jinx grinned, "Hey me and Don are heading out see you guys tomorrow." They both nodded and waved them good-bye. Jinx made his way back to Don and smiled, "Lets go."
                Don stood and followed Jinx, "Where are we going?"
                Jinx smiled at him over his shoulder, "You'll see."
                Don grinned, "It better be good Jinx." Jinx laughed and walked into the woods surrounding the lake.


                After a while Jinx stopped at a dead end, he looked back at the rumpled city-boy, "This is it."
                Don ran his fingers though his light sand colored hair, "Uh, Jinx, that's a dead end hun." 
                Jinx chuckled, "That's what I thought too at first." He beckoned to Don, "Come here." Don walked over to Jinx who parted the thick brush to show a narrow path heading steeply up ward.
                Don arched an eye brow and looked at Jinx, "You first." Jinx laughed and headed up the path.

                After a few minutes and much cursing and slipping on Don's part, they finally reached the clearing. It had gotten dark quickly and the full moon was just starting to rise.
                Jinx looked back at Don, who stood looking around with wide eyes. "It's beautiful." Don breathed.
                The clearing was big enough for maybe three people to lie down in a line, head to feet. Pine trees where on three sides of the clearing, thick and sweet smelling, willow trees where on the forth side hiding the natural spring that feed into the small stream and then into the lake.
                Jinx smiled softly and took Don's hand, "This is only half of it." He led Don through the willow branches and to the spring.
                The spring was big enough for four people to sit comfortably in it. It was circled by rocks with a small outlet to let the water out and into the stream. Light steam rose form the water.
                Jinx gazed at the small spring, "It's the same temperature all year long, about 75*F."  
                Don walked forward and sat on the rim of the spring, he dipped his fingers into the pool, "Have you ever swam in here?"
                Jinx sat behind Don, and looked into the water, the full moon reflected off the rippling surface, "Yes." He moved forward to place his hand on one of Don's shoulders, his chin on the other, his other hand bracing himself on the stones.
                Don reached back and gently tangled his fingers in Jinx's hair; it took on a sliver/black glow in the moonlight. Jinx leaned into the caress, purring softly he whispered into Don's ear, "Sing for me?" He had learned only a short time ago that the New Yorker had a very nice singing voice.
                Don looked at Jinx out of the corner of his eye, "You don't want to hear me sing." He answered quietly.
                Jinx kissed Don's shoulder and neck, "Yes I do. Please, sing for me, anything."
                Don looked up into the sky where the full moon was playing hide-and-seek among the cotton like clouds, "Anything?" He murmured.
                "Anything." Jinx said, kissing his neck.
                Don lowered his head, his amber eyes thoughtful. Taking a deep breath he lifted his head, and started to sing. His light tenor voice drifting though the forest and spiraling up toward the full moon.

When the mist grows paler and the wind lies low. Is the end of spring near?
When the moon turns golden on a blue, blue sea. Will there yet be a morning tear?
Can you hear the voice of spring gentle spring, as the soaring wind suddenly is still?
And the sunrise fills the world with joy. As he warms winter's melancholy chill.
When the cool earth whispers to the stars above; and is filled with warm desire.
And the glow-warm wakens when the shadows sleep. And the air is alive with fire.
Can you hear the voice of spring gentle spring, as the soaring wind suddenly is still?
And the sun at sunrise fills the world with joy. As he warms winter's melancholy chill.

                As the last notes faded into the distance, Don bowed his head and looked at Jinx out of the corner of his eyes.
                Jinx had his eyes closed his head slightly tilted to one side a small, soft smile playing on his lips. He opened his eyes and looked at Don, "That was beautiful."
                Don smiled; eyes full of memories as they followed the stream where it was lost in the darkness. "It was a solo I did for choir one year." He whispered softly.
                Jinx hugged Don's chest, nuzzling the other teen's neck, "You where in choir?"
                Don smiled one hand playing in Jinx's hair the other holding Jinx's hands to his chest, "Yes I was."
                "Why not this year?"
                "I don't know…just didn't feel right."
                "You where afraid."
                "Because this place is new?"
                "I thought I would be the only one."
                "You're not."
                Don smiled and kissed Jinx passionately, "I know that now." Jinx smiled and kissed him back.
                They sat there for a long time, just gazing at the clouds. They soon moved to the small clearing, and laid there in each other's arms.