Dear Willow

Enfolding me,

Dear Willow,

A name so oft repeated.

The wind blows through your branches,

Making soft songs of old,

You enfold me

Famous tree,

Hanging branches giving sage,

And safety

Branches reaching for passers-by,

Maybe couples, groups or a lonely one,

You are shield from eye and harm

Harsh wind may come and rain may go,

Dreams awaken soft memories of soft, sage lovers,

A brief respite from life, worries, even pain

Maybe this is a prelude to insanity,

Maybe a branch or pattern,

But now your arms enfold me and warmth is your game

So, Wise Willow, how many lifetimes past,

How many friendships lost,

By people who didn't care or just let go,

Leaving a broken heart,

Taking a part of soul