"A plea for change in America" by Seraphine Delacroix

I wish there were no hanging chads,
No crooked politicians
Or the lies they spout
To reel in votes in order to
Brainwash the common folks
Into believing what they're doing is right.

I wish there was no religion,
Or maybe just one religion,
So no one'd have to bicker and fight,
Saying "You're wrong and I'm right"
While preachers sit back and
Encourage the bigoted rage.

I wish there were no different races,
No different colored faces,
So there'd be no feelings of superiority
Or hatred or fear
Or ridiculous prejudice
Created by their ignorance.

I wish there was no war,
No fighting for skewed reasons
And wasted lives and money
And time and newspaper space
Which lists death after death,
All of which could have been avoided.

I wish there was no gender,
No women fighting for respect
While men are treated like kings
In some fairy tale,
Not needing to fight for a raise
Or a promotion or
Drafting laws for the same wage.

I wish all people were bisexual
So we could all be the same,
So we all could get married
And love whoever we pleased
Without being harassed
Or persecuted for being in love.

I wish no one would go hungry,
Digging through garbage heaps
In order to stay alive,
And that the well-off would
Give generously so that
Everyone would be a "have"
And no one a "have-not."

I wish there was no evil,
No knives in the backs of
Unsuspecting innocents,
No weapons at all,
No violence, no terror,
No fighting of any kind.

I wish people would care a little,
And not just for themselves,
Locked in their own world,
But for all those around them,
Those close to them and
Those not so close.

But we need politicians,
No matter how crude they are,
To carry about the work
That none of us know about
Save for what's printed in the tabloids.

But we need different religions,
So everyone will feel comfortable,
Feel like they have a place,
Feel like they're in a clique
So they can feel more right
Than everyone else.

But we need different races
So we can all have a place to call home,
A place were we are suspicious
Of those who aren't our color,
Tightening our borders
To the unwanted flocks of foreigners.

But we need war
To make ourselves feel tough,
To make ourselves feel superior,
To take what isn't ours
And tell everyone else
That we're bettering the world.

But we need separate genders
To make more unequal persons
Who then will make more and more
Until there's no stopping the prejudice.

But we need people who love
Persons of the same sex
So we can push them aside,
Or be disgusted by them,
Or make little human rights campaigns
To make ourselves feel
More accepting than the rest.

But we need world hunger
So we can assure ourselves
That when we feed our kids
And ignore the plights of others
That we should be thankful
We could even manage that
In this cruel, twisted world.

But we need evil in the world
So we can stockpile weapons,
Ducktape, plastic wrap, water and food
To feel more secure
In our own homes when
Crime happens on the street every night
And sometimes even in our own rooms.

But we need self-centered people
So that we can insult them for
Their indifferent ways
Then turn our backs and
Commit the same acts as they
Without knowing that we do.