Urg the Unclean

Was a barbarian, bold.

He was famous

For his conquering style.

None had ever thought

That his end would be so vile.

His sword was keen,

His spear, long.

His helm, hard as rocks.

His unparalleled stench

Was infamous

And often related to socks.

There were few folk

Who dared to defy

His uncouth ballistic conquest.

So it was a surprise,

Although not in my eyes,

When he was defeated

By the IRS.

They took all he had,

And left him quite mad

And psychotically cursing their name.

But Isn't it ironic

That the way he earned fame

Was by creating

A similar mess?

And all the peasants did laugh

At his pitiable plight

For he had just retired

From the IRS the last night!

-Savannah Carpenter