By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Alan Spector and I've used to be an intern for Channel 3 News,before that one Friday in March,when I was walking to work and suddenly saw a young teenager accidently slipping off the roof of a nearby office building and starting to fall all the way down to the street below.
Now,I've had no idea as to how I've done it,but surprisingly enough,I had flown up to her,caught her in my arms and slowly lowered her down to the street.
After we were back on the ground,the relieved girl had gave me a big hug and thanked me for rescuing her.
However,after she had ran over to her friends,who had came outside to see if she was alright,I was still getting a chill up and down my very spine.
And so,after I had called my boss and told him that I wasn't going to be coming to work on that day,I had gone to Edgewater Park and started to do some soul searching.
And then,as soon as I had gotten to one of the cliffs,I had looked down and suddenly had the urge to jump off the cliff.
And as soon as I had leaped into space,I had discovered that I was flying again.
And then suddenly,I've started to feel a slight pain in my back.
And after the pain had subsided,I had discovered that I had grown angel's wings.