The Mushrooms are Vengeful!
I won't eat these veggies,

Not now, not ever!

With their skins peeled

And body parts severed.

I hear their screams

Each evening dinner.

You can't make me eat them,

You bloody-thirsty sinners!

Take mercy on the veggies

That you broil and stew.

How would you like it

If I did it to you?

I wouldn't do it no more,

No, no longer,

For the forces of veggies

Are growing much stronger.

In time they'll want revenge

On their friends and their neighbours.

You take out a knife,

They'll draw their sabres.

For the mushrooms are vengeful,

The tomatoes are angry,

The lettuce is bristling,

The potatoes, less lazy.

Upon great pickles they shall

Ride off to war,

Banners held high,

With archers and more!

Lead by asparagus,

With zucchini and peas!

Mighty without their

Long legs and knees!

And none shall expect

An army of greens,

Bows held by turnips,

Swords brandished by beans!

Perhaps the pastas will join them,

They're allied with tomatoes,

And soon the dairy,

For they're friends with potatoes!

So quit shoving those veggies

Into my face!

I'm doing what's best

For the whole human race!