A/n: this is just a piece I wrote after seeing the subjects of most of the stories in this area. If I have gotten an aspect of someone's belief wrong, please tell me in a review, as I do not mean to offend, but I am ignorant of some things. =D this really only showcases the two beliefs I have ever known, Christianity and Wicca, and the concept of good and evil, light and dark. I understand if no one reads this, I just had this thought pop up, and though I do believe in the god and goddess, (alas, I am not Christian, sorry :P) I also think that this is a possibility as well (btw, all wiccans out there will catch the little theology side note I've thrown in, a cookie to the person that gets it! No, ica and jade you don't count = P)

I am

So many foolish ideas, we mortals have.






But when one leaves the earthly plane, one finds the truth. There is no one supreme god, no one true goddess, no right or wrong religion, faith or belief. For there is nothing, and everything. There is no man with a white beard and Grecian robes, welcoming you through pearly gates, no field of flowers filled with your loved ones, no devil, no fiery pits of eternal torment. There just is. Existence pure and simple. It's pretty much the same as it was where I lived, its so long ago I have forgotten the name, but I can still visit all the places I went to when I was alive, I even see those of the living who can ascend themselves into this plane, they sometimes see me, sometimes don't. It doesn't matter. They will see when they come. When they realize the truth as I have. The truth about creation, life, death and rebirth, of gods and goddesses. How there are none, and yet many. Oh, there is a presence, something powerful, and beyond even the dead's comprehension. But whether it may be a god, goddess or devil I do not know. I only know one thing.

I am.