A Path of Tears

By Shimoyo Lómiel


In the dark and cold we come to seek the morning light

Though the sun is hidden from our eyes, the moon leads in the night

Trekking in this lonely land, white mist curls at our feet

We march on, swords and spears in hand, crying tears of bittersweet

Shining silver, born of our pain, our tears, they pave the way

Through blackness to a path unstained, we chase it towards the day

The shadows leap, their blackened hearts desiring our despair

Our weapons flash, keen edges part their ranks that kept us there

Swift we drive on, pursuing now the splendor far ahead

Until, arriving, low we bow; our cares and blades we shed

Far behind is that road of fear, yet some stay, lost in night

Searching for that path of tears and moonbeams to the light.