There are millions of people living in the world and all of them are different from one to another. Some people are smart, some are beautiful, some are popular and there is one type of people who are not smart, or pretty, or popular. In another word they are: Nobody. And I am one of them.

Hello, my name is Cassandra and this is a story about me, from Ms Nobody to a girl with friends and the one she loves for so many years.

=^. ^=

"Bring, bring!" The school bell rang.

"Oh god! I am so sorry that I am late!" I ran into my classroom and apologized for my lateness.

"Oh hello! Katie!" Ms Donnelly was sitting in front of her desk and marking the pointless roll, I mean what's the point of marking it when you don't even remember your students' name, "Calan, stop talking please." Ok, correction, maybe it was just me.

"My name is Cassandra, Ms Donnelly" I walked towards my desk when I saw my seat was taken.

"Oh, by the way, this is our new student, Jessica Kennedy." Ms Donnelly added.

"Hi, Katie!" Jessica chewed her gum playfully, purposely mistaken my name.

"You took my seat." I lowered my voice, there was no way of me being nice to a slut like her.

"Say that again?" She asked with shock, as if she did not hear what I said.

"You, Took, My, Seat!" I said it out loud so everyone could hear; I don't know why I did that, maybe because of the fact that. She had everything that I don't have; good looks, boy-magnet and popular - you could tell by others' eyes contacts.

"Oh, I'm sorry! Jessica, would you mind go sit next to Morgan?" Ms Donnelly said with embarrassment.

"NO!" Jessica said without even looking at the teacher, or the seat.

"Ugh! Well Katie, wou-"

"My name is CASSANDRA! And NO I would NOT move because of HER!" I shouted, 'Even if it means I'll miss the chance of sitting with Morgan!' I screamed mentally. Never in my life have I being so angry at something, or maybe I should say, someone!

"Fine! Jessica you go sit next to Morgan! And that is a COMMAND!" Ms Donnelly said with an order tone.

"Ugh! You are going to pay for that, Ms. Nobody!" Jessica whispered with hatred, she spat the gum on the floor and moved out of my seat, suddenly, I felt so relieved and proud, as if I won in a battlefield.

But when I looked over to where Jessica and Morgan are, I felt dangers are coming toward me, the danger of changing, of loneliness and the danger of betrayal.

=^. ^=

hehe, what do you think? I have being thinking of this story for ages, but yet I just started to write it, I have also thought about what I am going to write in the "Valentine Special", but it's still about 10 months till the next valentine. Oh well.