Jamie and her family lived in the country with their nearest neighbor lived about 5 miles away. The area where Jamie lived was usually pretty deserted, aside from them. Her house was surrounded by one road and grassy fields covered in yellow flowers.

In every bedroom Jamie ever had, she always enjoyed sleeping next to a window in her room. She never really knew why she did, but as long as she liked it, explaining it was not very important for her.

"Good night everybody!" Jamie called out to her family as she headed towards her bedroom. Jamie entered her small, green painted bedroom. Before climbing into bed, Jamie smoothed the piece of tape on the corner of the poster she had on her wall next to her closet. If there was one pet peeve that was stronger than any other pet peeve she had, it was posters that weren't completely straightened on walls.

After grabbing a comb off her desk, Jamie combed her short brown hair before she turned out her bedroom light and jumped into her bed. Jamie fell asleep and slept peacefully through most the night. About midnight, her telephone started ringing. At first, Jamie tried to ignore it thinking that whoever it was, they must have had a wrong number to be calling this late. But, it kept ringing and ringing.

Jamie, fully awake by now, decided, if nothing more than to get them to quit calling, to answer the phone and try to straighten out this caller. Jamie reached over to the nightstand beside her bed and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" Jamie asked. Jamie didn't know what to expect on the other end of the phone, but, this surprised her.

"I can see you," the voice said in a ghostly whisper.

"What? Who is this?" Jamie said.

"I'm watching you," the voice said in the same tone. Jamie, frightened, slammed down the phone onto the hook.

Jamie pulled the covers over her head. But, she began to think. Whoever this weird person was, had called on the phone. The voice, which sounded as it could have been either male or female, said it was watching her and she lived miles from town. And she knew it wasn't her parents because they were asleep.

"Must be a prank phone caller," Jamie said as she tried to go back to sleep. She closed her eyes, and rested peacefully for a few minutes. Suddenly, the phone rang again.

"Whoever this is, stop it!" Jamie yelled into the phone.

"I'm watching you," the ghostly whisper said.

"Oh yeah?" Jamie said non-believing. "Where are you then?"

"Outside your window," the ghostly window said slowly. Jamie dropped the phone back on the hook quickly.

Jamie did a small forced laugh. He or she had to be lying Jamie thought. How could they be outside my window right now?

Then suddenly there was a loud........TAP......TAP.....TAP. Jamie's eyes widened and she jumped out of her bed and ran towards her parents room.

"MOM!!!! DAD!!!!!!!" she yelled as she ran into their room.

"What is it Jamie?" her dad asked, rubbing his eyes.

"Somebody is outside my window!" Jamie yelled.

"Maybe you were dreaming," her dad said.

"No, I was wide awake!" Jamie said.

"David, go take a look, so we all can get some sleep," Jamie's mother said.

Her father sighed. "Ok, let's go take a look, shall we?" he said. Jamie's parents got out of bed and followed her to her room.'

"I don't know who it was," Jamie said standing behind her parents, "But, they kept calling and saying they were watching me."

"Jamie, we live a few miles outside of town. Why and how would someone call and say they were watching you? Besides, your shades are closed," Jamie's father.

"I don't know," Jamie said. "But, it scared me."

Jamie's father opened the shades in her bedroom to reveal that no one was outside.

"See? No one outside," her father said. "You were probably just having a nightmare or something. Go back to sleep now, Jamie." Jamie's father patted her on the head after lowering the shades. "Don't let the bedbugs bite." He went back to his bedroom.

Jamie turned off her lights and got back in her bed, hoping the caller wouldn't call back. An hour went by and she slept peacefully until.....BRRIIIINNNNGGGGGG. The phone rang and rang. Jamie didn't answer. The phone continued ringing. It didn't stop, so, Jamie was now getting mad at the proposed prank phone caller and answered. "What is it now?!?"

"I'm still watching you," said the ghostly voice.

"Yeah, sure," Jamie said.

"It was nice of your father to come in your room and check," the voice said. "Even nicer of him to raise the shades on your windows."

Jamie's eyes widened, then, went back to normal. "Dad, stop fooling around." She hung up and couldn't believe her dad would try to scare her by using her phone line. Jamie closed her eyes.

Then, from outside her bedroom window: "I can still see you....." said a voice as it drifted in.