Author's Notes


I'm very tired, but very happy.

Thanks again to all who have shared the journey with me.

And to my reviewers- shadowdancer lionheart, CapturedHeart, stupidx, Ashurian, irisclara, Dream Mage, Eela6, Gold Enchantress, Werecat99, BaeWulf, Stormer, Black Myiah, Moon Dragon- thank you! I'm glad you've enjoyed the story and had various opinions about the characters. I think someone has told me they like every main character so far, as well as Lyissa and Glangon and Twydon. One of the goals was to keep shifting the story, and this appears to have worked.

To anyone who finds this and reads/reviews it afterward, my thanks to you as well. I hope it does bring you joy.

And because I should have done this earlier- I checked the first chapter thinking I had, and no, I hadn't- here is the quote that I pulled the title from, from George William Russell's "On Behalf of Some Irishmen not Followers of Tradition":

"No blazoned banner we unfold—
One charge alone we give to youth,
Against the sceptred myth to hold
The golden heresy of truth."

A few days, and then expect another two.