A/n: well, ica has gotten me to do this, so I'll just stumble through it shall I? hmm yes well... This is partnered with erica's story: to be me () go read it, makes everything easier to understand...i think. Welll, on with my little bit.

* Part One*

I am. No, not quite a Wiccan, as Erica said I will initiate myself on Beltane.. Hmm. I think it was a lot easier for my extended family (my class..loooooooooong story) to accept me being a wiccan, because I'm one of the strange ones in the class. At least, I hope that's why, like that they weren't thinking I worshiped the devil or nothing....*cough* moving on..

Well, nope, no devil worship, don't really believe in the devil actually. And my best friends are wiccan, (cept matt, but I still love ya matto ^_^) so I never had the ' best friends are Christian' problem that a lot of ppl seem to have, and actually, two of my good friends who are Christian, are really understanding! (luv ya kryx and jax! MWUAH!)

My friends (jade and Erica) dedicated themselves on Ostara (eoster, spring equinox, vernal equinox). We cast a circle focusing on the elements within us, and it was really powerfull and lifting. When Jade was dedicating herself (she's what I have dubbed my 'soul sister' as we are so close we actually had the same dream once =P) me and Erica went into deep meditation. I actually had a OBE (I can manage them easily, unlike a friend *tiffy wiffy*) and I had stood inbetween the tanks in a desert, as they rolled onward, and I got a really bad feeling. So I drew back into myself, and we finished the casting. The next day I went to my sister's house (thats jade, fyi), and we turned on the television, and this massive assult on baghdad was being broadcast. It shook me, because of my OBE and that's when I truly accepted I might be psychic.

I share a strange bond with Erica and jade, and as days go by, and I learn more, I start to think of them both as my soul sisters, and we usually pick up on eachothers emotions. And, I find that if I don't keep my energy walls up (my personal circle if you will) being around erica makes me like her, (earth and water energies.blah, complicated.) and she makes me tired.

On the topic of energies, I am a very volatile mix, and it doesn't surprise me and my friends one bit. I am water and fire. I have one of the worst temperaments in history, but I am very emotional, and my moods can change in an instant. I seem to be very vocal with my emotions, but, I keep most of it inside, until I break down. (so sorry for everyone who has to hear me mope *cough* matt-tiff-steph-joron-jade-erica *cough*) and, so unsurprisingly, I am a Cancerian, born under the Scorpio moon (or Aries, haven't quite pinpointed that yet :P). I have slight communication with the weather, love lakes, storms, baths, u name water, im there, as well as fires, lightning, lava and such.

Well, as an ending note, I'll tell u my specialty of the moment. Tarot. I seem quite adept with tarot cards, and finding things out. (they were my grandmother's pack, so it might be in my blood) I help my friends whenever I can, and I enjoy the feeling of looking into the loom, of finding the threads of the future and past, of unveiling the present. Its quite excillerating. And, that ends off part one, as soon as Erica informs me of what I should put in part two, I'll write it.

Blessed be!