Tears Of the Rose
Chapter 1: Wavering Heart

"Miya, did you get it?" Miya nodded as she handed the photograph into the slender demanding hands. The hands fondled the picture, as it's owner smiled blissfully.
"Thanks a lot Miya," the cheerful voice replied back.
"It's no problem, Master Kirin." Miya responded. Kirin smiled as he traced over the picture with his delicate fingers.
"Bitalo-sama, are you sure you want to live your life this way?" He murmured.
"Bitalo-sama? You mean, you actually knew Bitalo before?" Miya asked, her mouth agape.
Kirin smiled proudly, "Of course; after all we were best friends."

*In Bitalo's place*

"Damn, I can't believe we let her escape," I cursed.
"Don't worry about it, Touchi-chan," Bitalo whimpered, desperately trying to receive a cuddle from me.
"Bitty-sama, I don't want EVERYBODY to know what I look like without clothes," I muttered.
"Touchi, forget about it and have fun with me," Bitalo pouted. I smiled back at him; he looked so adorable when he pouted.
"Oh, all right, but not too rough," I teased as I eagerly embraced him.
Startled, we looked about, searching for the person who yelled Bitalo's name.
"Bitalo, we need you. Come back."
"Come back? Why do you want me back there?" Bitalo yelled out. I listened to the tenor voice that spoke with Bitalo; it sounded vaguely familiar.
"Bitalo, you are the King of Pansies. You mustn't forget your duty," the voice admonished. Bitalo looked away sadly at the mention of his duty.
"Who is this, Bitty-sama?" I asked.
"It's my friend, the King of Fruits. He wants me to go home," Bitalo whispered.
"Bitalo, I'm expecting you to meet me at Satine Park around 5:00pm."
"But wait!" Bitalo said, but the voice seemed to have left. Bitalo grasped the blanket roughly as he waited for the response that wasn't about to happen. I looked at him painfully.
"Bitty; you won't have to leave me, will you?" I asked innocently, resting my head on his chest. There was an extremely uncomfortable pause. I got up and looked at him again.
"Bitty, answer me!" Bitalo wasn't looking towards me, not even in my general direction. His head was turned completely on its side and his eyes were closed.
"Don't just fall asleep, talk to me!"
"Bitty! Wake up!" I shook his shoulders and he opened his eyes, but didn't look at me.
"What's wrong?" I insisted. "Tell me everything...please!"
"Touchi...." He whispered as he lifted his hand to caress my cheek.
I looked into his eyes grimly, "Tell me Bitalo." He looked into my eyes and tried hard to smile, "
"It's just that I don't know how I can take you home with me, and uhh something else too."
"Something else?" I said, acting a bit stubborn.
"Well, I don't know how you're going to react to meeting someone from my home," Bitalo admitted.
"React to? What do you mean by that?' I asked as suspicion started to rise.
"No, Touchi. I don't have another boyfriend!" Bitalo cried out as he shook his head.
"I don't think that there will be a problem." I said, "If that's all, I don't know what you were so worried about."
Bitalo tried to smile, "Yeah, I guess you're right."

*Back to Miya and Kirin*

"Ummm Kirin?" Miya asked shyly.
"Do you really know Bitalo?"
Kirin curled his lips into a smile, "Yes, I know him quite well actually."
Miya looked at him with wide eyes, "Are you his ex or something?' she asked.
"Ex? Are you kidding?" Kirin immediately blurted.
Miya grinned, her pearly white gleaming. "He was, wasn't he?"
"Don't...tell Touchi. I'm serious! This is a big deal."
"Do you love Bitalo?"
"Of course not! Are you kidding?" He again blurted. Then he covered his mouth.
"You are soooo readable." Miya laughed. "You need to get a better cover quick."
"I don't know what to do, Miya. I've tried so hard, but I can't get over Bitalo. He doesn't love me at all..." Kirin said, gazing out into nothingness.
"Well, I don't know what to say. How about I listen? I'm pretty good at that."
"Well, when Bitalo and I were young princes, we would always go out and play tag or in the sandbox or something. But one day on the swings, Bitalo came over and kissed me on the cheek. That was my first kiss, and I'll never forget it."
"Wait, you're all mushy over a kiss when you were 5?" Miya said.
Kirin blushed a deep red, "Yes, what's wrong with that?"
"Haha, that's so cute," Miya cooed.
Kirin looked away trying to hide his beet red face, "I refuse to be called cute."
Miya laughed. "So, what are you going to do, you know that Touchi and Bitalo already made love?" Miya asked.
"I'll make sure that Bitalo goes back where he came from and falls in love with me!" Kirin shouted out suddenly.
Miya stared at him, her eyes were bulging out of their sockets. "Okay, whatever," she replied, she wasn't sure if he was joking or telling the truth.
"Miya, you must understand, I was Bitalo's first love, and I should be his only love. I'm going to take Touchi away from him!"
"What, are you crazy? Not even death can separate them; they are really close!" Miya argued.
"Look, their relationship was a fluke, if I didn't send Bitalo here then none of this would have happened and Touchi would have attempted raping you and you would have died from an attack. I saved you life, so you got to swear to not screw things up!" Kirin said, almost yelling. "But I'm not like my brother. Don't fear for his health. He'll be fine." Kirin added, cooling down.
Miya paused. "Brother?"
"Yes, I have a brother, and I'm ashamed to say his name."
"Well, if you aren't going to say his name, then don't bother saying that you have a brother at all!" Miya said in an irritated voice.
"Why does it matter anyway?" Kirin asked as he looked away. "No matter what Miya, I vow to win back my dear Bitalo!" Kirin cackled.

*Touchi and Bitalo*

"It's almost 3:00 pm," Touchi muttered as he stared at the clock.
Bitalo sighed, "Only two hours left until we go home to my world."
I smiled; "I can't wait to get there. I bet it's really cool. Hey, what's the name of your homeland anyway?" "That's not important."
"What's important is that you've said good-bye to everyone. How about you mom?" Bitalo asked. I smiled.
"Aw, you know her. She'll probably notice I'm gone and mourn for two minutes then go back to work." "That is true." Bitalo smiled. "But seriously."
"Hmmm..." I began, "I know, I'll say good-bye to Kirin!"
Bitalo stared.
"Uhm..." Bitalo murmured.
"Oh, you might not know Kirin, he's a nice guy, though a bit short, and he came to my hospital bed." "Uhh...how do you know Kirin?" Bitalo asked.
"He's in my Gym class, why?" I asked, confused.
"Well, uh, I don't think he's around now, maybe we better not." Bitalo said nervously.
"Oh okay, what about Gaylord?"
"He's dead, remember?" Bitalo shouted.
"Oh yeah!" I recalled. I thought hard trying to think of somebody to say goodbye to. My little brother, Kenta, might care. However, he might ask questions about me going to live with another man. Miya would probably beg to go with us.
I sighed, "I don't know if there is anybody I'd like to say goodbye to."
"Touchi, were you really that anti-social at school?" Bitalo asked teasingly.
"Yeah, everybody I thought I was some kind of freak ever since Gaylord started hanging around me."
"I guess I don't blame them," Bitalo replied as he moved closer to me.
"After all, not everyone accepts our kind, here on earth."
"They don't understand, until they've felt it.... Like you, Touchi. That's what it was like with you." Bitalo said. I shivered.
"Don't remind me of the way I used to be, that was a horrible time. I like it better here with you. Bitalo laughed as he walked his fingertips gently up my chest.
"Touchi, you want to get something to eat?" He asked suggestively.
"Sure, how about some popcorn," I suggested.
"Alright, I love popcorn!" Bitalo shouted as he jumped up off of me, "I'll go make some." Bitalo quickly disappeared from the room, leaving me behind wondering why he liked popcorn so much.
Bitalo walked into the room with a bowl of popcorn and sat down next to me. He turned on the TV and flipped through channels for only a little bit of time before I talked again.
"Bitty, you seemed stressed, and it's not about that one person again, is it?" Bitty looked at me briefly and then turned off the TV.
"No, It's just that I'm trying to make hard, sweet love to you." Bitty smiled. I laughed. "And things keep getting in the way." He finished. "It's like something's trying to stop me...somewhere.."
"That's silly, Bitty-sama." I joked, but I saw that he was serious. He looked away and stuffed a hand full of popcorn into his mouth.
"Shhh, my favorite TV show is coming on," he replied quickly. He was hiding something, that much I knew. I kept on wondering how I could fool him into telling me. However, I wasn't getting many ideas. I glanced at the clock, only an hour and thirty minutes left.

*Back to Kirin*

The wind was blowing gently against the trees in Satine Park. Walking down the path, was Kirin. He wore a long black trench coat that was trimmed with black leather. In his slender hand, he grasped a red apple that he playfully bit into. He stood there impatiently looking at his clock.
"I should have asked them to come sooner." He muttered. He took another bite of the apple and sat down on a bench. There must have been half an hour left. He pondered deeply on what he would say or do when he saw his beloved Bitalo.
"I believe on earth they say, 'Good evening'...when they meet each other." He said to himself. Kirin licked his lips at the thought of seeing Bitalo again. He imagined what it would feel like to taste Bitalo's kiss again. The sensational feeling that made him fall head over heels in love with him before. Kirin smiled as he remembered Bitalo's actions, his words, and his charm, everything about him made Kirin yearn for him more.
"It's not fair, I'm so short," Kirin muttered as he remembered how Bitalo was significantly taller than he was. Kirin bit into his apple again, the sweet taste of the apple filled his mouth as he continued to silently pine over Bitalo.

*back to Bitalo and Touchi*

After a small but sweet kiss, Bitalo got up and stretched then took my hand to help me off the couch too, for it was about time to leave.
"Who's going to meet us at the park...?" I asked Bitalo. He looked at me and then he stare fell into nothing-ness.
"You'll see..." I pouted, I hated suspense.
"If you don't know who it is, then how are we going to know when we've found them?" I asked stubbornly. Bitalo laughed as he placed his arm around me, "Touchi-chan, I know who it is. It'll be a surprise to you that's all." I sighed, I knew that in a few minutes I'd know who the mystery person was. So, I didn't complain, but enjoyed our moment beside each other.
"Bitty-sama, I don't know how I'm going to deal with school in your world," I pointed out.
"Oh don't worry you can go to high school with me," Bitalo winked.
"You mean there's a high school in your home town too?" I asked, he had to be kidding.
"Yeah, I'm a student there too. I've been skipping though to be with you on earth," Bitalo said with an embarrassed smile. I smiled, I never would have dreamed of living with Bitalo AND going to school with him, this just was getting better and better.
"So what were you learning last?" I asked.
"How to prepare a garden...roses mostly."
"Daaa...is it a gardening school?" I asked.
"No, but you might be taught a bit of magic and hair tips."
"Uhh...well that's better than my school." By now, we were walking towards the park, the butterflies in my stomach committing hara-kiri or something, because I was going insane with suspense. I saw the park in view, and it appeared empty at first. But there was one person sitting on a bench, eating an apple. I blinked, the person looked like Kirin, but I wasn't sure. The guy had the same short blue hair, but he was dressed unlike Kirin at all. The leather-trimmed trench coat was too sensual for Kirin's personality. Bitalo and I approached the Kirin look alike with caution. Was this the person we were supposed to meet? I wondered.
"Long time no see," Bitalo called out. The man shifted his eyes off the ground and aimed his glance at Bitalo. The man raised his slender hand and waved back.
"You're right it has been awhile, Bitalo," the tenor voice replied.
Bitalo smiled cheerfully, "Well, Kirin, it's time to go!"
"Kirin? No way!" I yelled. "That's impossible!"
Kirin smiled as he waved, "Hi there, Touchi!"
"How did you know Bitalo?" I asked.
Kirin smiled and gently placed one finger against his lips; "We've been friends since childhood." I was in total shock. I hadn't expected any of this. I looked up at Bitalo, waiting for his reaction.
"Bitty-sama, you two were friends?" I asked.
"Yes, surprising isn't it?" Bitalo asked cheerfully.
"Yes, I would have never imagined. Oh well, shall we be departing?" I asked, shaking off the strange feelings that clouded my mind.
"Uhm..." Kirin said. Bitalo and I looked at him. "Touchi...cannot come. He was born on Earth." Kirin said in an attempt to be free of me.
"What? Where does it say that?" Bitalo asked angrily.
"It's a new law, it was established since you were here..." Kirin said, playing along with his new scheme. "That's absurd! I love him!" Bitalo said. I don't know why, but even though I know it, every time I heard him say that, it's like bliss. Kirin had a strange look of hurt on his face, I didn't understand why.
"I'm sorry, but that is the law," Kirin lied. I couldn't help but feel a painful sting in my heart.
"Then I'm not going back! I'll never leave Touchi!" Bitalo screamed.
Kirin looked down sadly, "I'm sorry, Bitalo, but I'll have to take you by force!" At that moment, Kirin a strange ball of energy emitted from his fingers and enclosed around himself and Bitalo. Bitalo glanced back at me sadly, as he struggled to pull me through. Kirin then took action, he put his hand on my head and attempted to push me away.
"Kirin, stop this!" Bitalo shouted as he grabbed onto my wrist and pulled me through the barrier. After my body entered the barrier, the world outside began to spin around us. The familiar scenery of the park melted away and was transforming into a metropolis. I looked around me, tightly clutching Bitalo, making sure I'd never let go, and saw the beautiful city envelop around me.
"Bitalo...where are we...?" I asked.
He drew his face closer to mine and said, "In the clouds." Kirin seemed to be off to the side, staring out of the energy he had created.
"The clouds?" I asked, "You're joking right?"
Bitalo shook his head; "This is where I live, Touchi." I looked around, scanning the landscape for anything of interest. There were several large buildings and off in the distance was a large hill with several majestic palaces.
"'The scenery is spectacular!" I said in awe.
"Yes, want to see my place?" Bitalo asked playfully as he grabbed my arm.
"I'd love too," I replied, gazing into his amber eyes. Both of us had completely forgotten about Kirin, so, we started walking off together.
"Hey! Wait for me!" Kirin shouted.
"Oh sorry, Kirin, we forgot you were there," Bitalo apologized as Kirin's eyes burned with anger.
"Never mind me, Bitalo-sama. Go ahead without me." Kirin muttered.
Bitalo smiled. "Thanks, Ki~rin!" Bitalo wrapped his arm around mine and led me to the majestic palaces. "Wow! You live here?" I yelled out as I looked at the surreal palace in front of us.
"Yeah, all of the kings live in these palaces," Bitalo said.
"All of them? How many are there?" I asked quizzically.
"It doesn't matter. Come on, I'll show you my living quarters!" He called out cheerfully as we entered the palace gates. We walked down the narrow palace corridors, passing many servants that bowed to us as we passed.
"Bitalo-sama, welcome back," they called out as they lowered their bodies to the floor.
"Thank you very much for your concern," he called out as he returned the bow. From a door behind them, a red haired boy appeared.
"Bitalo! You're back!" He called out as he ran past the servants and embraced Bitalo.
"Shido, I've missed you so much," Bitalo said as he embraced the boy.
"Bitalo, who is this man that you have brought to this sacred place?" Shido asked curiously as he eyed me staring at him.
"Oh this is my lover, Touchi," Bitalo said as he bent down to kiss me.
"Bitalo, I want a kiss too," Shido pouted.
"Sorry, Shido," he said as he ruffled the boy's hair, " Touchi doesn't want to share me with anyone." "Touchi, you're so selfish!" Shido shouted as he deeply blushed then stuck out his tongue. Bitalo laughed, "Maybe so, but I still love him just the same. See ya, Shido." Bitalo and I walked away, leaving behind the boy and the servants. Shido sternly looked at the couple walking about, then stomped off. Bitalo lead me eventually into a big room with a luxury bed.
"Wow, Bitalo...I never really gave the idea that you're a king enough thought..."
"You don't think I'm...too much of a civilian, do you?" I asked shyly.
Bitalo laughed. "Are you kidding? After all this time you doubt my love?" I blushed. He was right, I was just acting stupid.
"So, you notice my bed?" Bitalo grinned.
"Yeah, looks soft." I said and I walked over to it and felt the material it was made out of and the red satin blanket. Bitalo walked over next to me, kissed me hard on the lips, and dropped me down onto the bed. Then after he finished his kiss, I kind of pushed him away and got up.
"There are too many things to see to do that now!" I whined. Bitalo looked at me strangely. "But...Touchi..." He complained, still sitting on the bed.
"Come on, Bitty, I just want to look around!"
Bitalo pouted, "But I want to have fun too."
"Bitty-sama," I muttered, I couldn't help but give in when he made that adorable face. Bitalo grinned from ear to ear as he curled up beside me. I wrapped my arms around his body, pulling him closer to me. "Bitty-sama, show me how people from here make love," I pleaded teasingly. He smiled as he brushed his lips against my ear. He opened his mouth and lightly bit into my ear with passion.
"Bitty-sama," I moaned as I pulled him closer. I found my hands working their way up and down his hard chest. My impatient hands were stripping him of his clothing that covered his beautiful body.
"Naughty aren't you Touchi," Bitalo teased as he licked his lips seductively. I giggled as I slowly licked his neck and shoulders playfully. Just then, the doors to Bitalo's room flung open and Shido came through. "Bitalo-sama!"
"--eaugh!" Bitalo yelped as he rolled off the bed and covered himself by going under the bed. I tossed the blanket over my head in embarrassment. Bitalo's head appeared at the base of the bottom of the bed to consult Shido.
"I thought I told you to knock! You never knock!" Bitalo yelled. "This isn't the first time you've done this...!" "Sorry, Bitalo-sama, but there's serious information I have to give you." Shido said, seeming to not care about the previous thing that was taking place. That confused me a bit, so did the fact that Shido had done such a thing before
"What is it?" Bitalo asked. "And hurry."
"It seems that the Council wants to put you in court for murder of a person named 'Gaylord'."
"That was self-defense, he had a gun." Bitalo argued. "People were in danger."
"That doesn't matter, you still killed him, right?" Shido stated.
Bitalo smacked his forehead in anger, "That bastard Gaylord almost killed Touchi!"
"I understand Bitalo, but the Council wants to speak with you about your actions. They want to know your story."
"Damn, does it have to be now?" Bitalo asked angrily, "I've got company you know."
"They request a conference with you Bitalo, it is not wise to disobey the Council."
"Damn, they have the worst timing," Bitalo cursed as he stood up and quickly changed his clothes.
"Can I come too?" I asked.
"It would be better if you came, Touchi. Then I'd be in less trouble," Bitalo muttered as he stared at himself in a large mirror.
"And Bitalo." I added again. He looked at me, almost angered. I recoiled, but asked my question anyway. "When you said that Shido had done that before...what did you mean?" Bitalo sighed as he turned back to the mirror and brushed through his hair a few times.
"Touchi...I..." He fumbled. Then he sighed again. "He just never knocks...that's it. Leave it alone." I was a bit frightened, Bitalo seemed in an extremely bad mood.
"Okay," I said, I didn't want to make him in a worse mood.
"There's not time Touchi, we've got to meet with the Council," he said quickly as he took off running out of the room. I dashed after him; I didn't want to get left behind.
After a few minutes of running, we arrived in front of a crimson shaded pagoda. The pagoda was larger than most of the pagodas that I'd seen in the past, it stood almost ten stories in height.
"The Council is inside a pagoda?" I asked. Bitalo shook his head, "Yes, but not this one. Their pagoda is much larger."
Another crimson shaded pagoda came into view, this one was nearly 60 stories I guessed. "This is the place," Bitalo muttered as he reluctantly stepped toward the pagoda. As we entered through the door, we saw a mean looking judge and a grim looking council awaiting us. I hid behind Bitalo, but I didn't clutch onto him.
"Bitalo Aitsu, please join us."
Bitalo grimly stepped forward and bowed before the Council, "You summoned me my lord."
The old judge laughed heartily, "Bitalo, you always have to play it cool don't you?"
"That is not what I came here to discuss." The judge smiled,
"Very well, we have received word that you murdered a man by the name of Gaylord Macho, a mere human as that."
Bitalo narrowed his eyes downward, "If acting in self-defense is a crime, then I'm guilty!"
The old judge stared down at him, "Bitalo, tell us how this act came to pass."
Bitalo began speaking in a somber voice; "Gaylord was armed and ready to kill at any given moment. He shot at my dear Touchi and nearly killed him. Attacking him was the only thing I could do to protect Touchi!"
"Who is this Touchi that you speak off?" A second Councilmen asked.
"I'm Touchi!" I called out. All eyes stared at me, I felt sweat run down the back off my neck. I was sure I only made more trouble, if Kirin was right about that law. I heard the council murmur about me and being an earthling and about how I got here.
"I brought him here." Bitalo said. "For certain reasons."
"I know you too well, Bitalo-sama." said the judge.
"You brought him here for a 5-day romance, no da?" The judge laughed, then the whole council burst out in laughter. Bitalo's eyebrows lowered and his grasp on my hand tightened, until it hurt.
"Bitty! Calm down!" I said. Then he let go of my hand and calmly took a few breaths.
"Shut-up, you jiji, I'm sure you understand the situation and are ready to pass judgment."
"Right you are, disrespectful fool! And if you were not Bitalo himself I might have not..." The judge proclaimed.
"Might have not what?" Bitalo yelled, I could tell that he was really pissed off.
"I might have not gone so easy on you," the judge laughed.
"What do you mean?" Bitalo asked.
"Forget about the crime, that Gaylord was a total loser. You're off the hook Bitalo," the judge replied between laughs.
"Oh thank you, your honor," Bitalo cried in joy as he bowed before the Council.
"Run along Bitalo, you're still young," the old judge replied between laughs. Bitalo smiled and rose to his feet, impatiently he grabbed my hand,
"Let's go Touchi." I just followed him, letting his walk me along. I guessed we were going back to his palace. But I was scared of the way he had recently been acting, was it because of me or the things that have been happening lately? I wasn't sure. I know it will pass, because Bitalo is such a wonderful person. As we arrived at his palace, we dashed past the servants, Shido, and ran straight into Bitalo's room. Bitalo laid on the bed and grunted.
"Why me?"
"What's the matter?" I asked, sitting next to him.
"I swear, every single time I try to love you, something gets in the way! It's so strange!" I thought about this, and so far he was right.
"It's just a coincidence." I said, trying to cheer him up.
"Let's find out," he grunted as he locked his lips around mine in an enchanting kiss. I was a bit startled, but I returned his passion.
"It doesn't matter what happens, we'll always be together," I murmured between kisses. I couldn't hold back any longer, I wrapped my arms around his body and laid my head against his warm chest.
"I'm tired Bitty-sama," I whined, "We've had a rough day. You know, I'd feel a lot better after a good nap," I winked.
"Yeah, today has been pretty tiresome hasn't it," Bitalo sighed.
So I laid my head on his chest and fell fast asleep immediately, because the bed was so extremely soft. My dream was strange, though. In my dream there was a blue haired boy crouching down, looking at something on the ground. There was nothing else around, just black, the boy and I. I jogged quickly over to the boy and he seemed to be going through something, so I looked over his shoulder to see. The boy's head turned around to look at me and we stared at each other for a while, a soft warm breeze starting to emanate around me. The boy smiled happily and showed that he had just picked a flower. It was a rose. It was the most beautiful rose, with jeweled bead of dew perfectly fitted upon the blood red petals the folded out from the middle in perfect harmony. I looked at it for a while and then at the boy. He then handed it to me. I grabbed onto it, the rose's thorn pricked my finger, and the drop of blood tenderly splashed into the dark and on an invisible floor as grass grew around me. I was surrounded by a rose garden, with the brisk sent of morning surrounding me. I looked back, and the boy was gone. Instead, there lied Gaylord's dead mangled body, covered in blood and roses. I gasped. I dropped the rose, it shattered like glass on the grass, and I backed away from the corpse. Then I figured out I had backed up against Miya's naked body. I screamed.
'Miya!' I thought, but the words weren't coming out. 'What's happening to me? Bitalo!'
As I thought of Bitalo, the frightening images closed around me. I begged they'd go away. I pleaded to God...to make them go away!
"BITALO!" I screamed. The corpses enclosed around my body, they wrapped their bloody arms around my neck desperately trying to strangle me.
"Bit---!" I tried to scream, but Gaylord pushed harder against my throat, silencing my attempt at calling for Bitalo. Bitalo appeared and single handedly disposed of the corpses.
"Bitalo!" I cried out as I hugged him in gratitude. SMACK! Bitalo slapped my cheek and laughed as he watched me back away in shock.
"You're so weak!" He laughed as he turned toward the blue haired boy that reappeared behind him. "Bitalo!" The boy called out. I watched in horror, as the blue haired boy ran up to Bitalo and threw his arms around him.
"I love you, Bitalo," the boy whispered as he kissed Bitalo's fragile lips. I felt my heartbreak as I watched Bitalo return this boy's passionate kiss.
"Don't leave me alone like this Bitty-sama!" I screamed. I watched in horror as Bitalo and the blue haired boy disappeared together.
"Touchi!" called a vaguely familiar voice. I turned around it was Shido. Shido wasn't the same age that he was earlier, but was my age.
"Are you hurt?" He asked in concern as he kneeled before me. I couldn't speak; I just looked at him. I watched as he placed his strong hand gently on my cheek. I felt my heart pound as he moved closer; I could feel his warm breath on my bruised skin. He lightly kissed my wound, and watched as my cheeks turned bright red.
"All better now," he replied with a smile.

[To Be Continued]