Tears of the Rose

By Hikari Shiro and Kurokawa

Chapter 8- Whispers of Tragedy

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Tick tock, tick tock. The clock counted each heart pounding moment as we sat in the hospital waiting room, anxiously waiting for news on Kirin's condition. Kinya was a nervous wreck, pacing around the room trying hard to contain himself. I wished I knew the words that could calm him down.

"What are we going to do if Kirin dies?" Shido asked, his voice shaking in fear. Kinya flinched at that horrible word, die.

"Don't you even wonder about what would happen!" Kinya yelled. Shido turned away, he couldn't bear to look at Kinya in the face. I shook my head in desperation. "Why was this happening? Can't we enjoy one moment of our lives without being plagued with sorrow?" I screamed to myself.

My eyes wandered to Bitalo. I can't believe it had been only hours since he proposed to me, and now this had to happen. Why did it feel like someone was out to get us? Before we only worried about the angered and seemingly jealous Kirin, but now I felt bad for even thinking about it. I felt a tear form in my eye from all the weight of the emotions coming down on me at last. The fraught faces, the endless silence, the unbearable wait to hear how Kirin was.... It was all so agonizing. I looked at all the people gathered here. We were all so different. Miya was huddled in a corner crying her heart out, as Kage wrapped his arms around frightened Shido. Bitalo stared into space with worried looks sketched on his face, as Kinya continued his anxious pacing.

"Look at us." I chuckled, fearing for my sanity. Everyone stared at me, so I knew I had to continue. "Go on take a look around," I ordered, "Kirin would be laughing at us if he could see us now. He'd probably stand his usual cocky way, and insult us for daring to think he would be weak enough to die like this."

"Touchi," Bitalo said as he placed his hand on my shoulder, "We appreciate that you're trying to cheer us up, but it just won't work. I'm sorry." I stared into several pairs of angry, disapproving eyes and realized he was right. Nothing could make us smile at a time like this.

"Damn it, I can't take it anymore!' Miya yelled as she leaped from her seat. "I want to find out what's going on!"

"Miya!" It seemed like we all yelled at once. With an annoyed look adorning her features, she marched forward, a few pairs of hands tried to hold her back.

"Listen you weirdos, you may be timorous of fate, but I care enough for Kirin to want to know how he's doing and if you don't covet to come with me then fine!" Miya said angrily. For the first time, I took her seriously. I really thought that she couldn't be momentous, but she and Kirin had been friends for so long I had to understand.

"Miya..." I heard a weak intonation on the brink of tears. It was blatant who it was, "I'll come too. No matter what...I'll see Kirin. Even....even if he doesn't want to see me."

Miya smiled, I could see the tears glazing her eyes as she stepped towards Kinya.

"I understand, in sickness and heath, until death do us part right?"

Kinya ignored her last remark, even though he knew she was just offering her empathy. He stepped forward, wiped the quickly forming tears from his eyes, and strode to the door that separated him from his lover. He took a deep breath and shoved the door open. "I won't let anything keep us apart," Kinya vowed to himself from the crevasses of his mind.

On the other side of the barrier stood a nurse and a doctor. Alarmed by Kinya's sudden intrusion, the two tried to persuade him to return to the waiting room peacefully.

"Let me see him!" Kinya yelled, his voice echoing throughout the entire hospital. I was very surprised to see Kinya act so agressively. I suddenly found myself running towards Kinya.

"Touchi!" Bitalo called. Before any of us knew what we were doing, we were all forcing our way into Kirin's room. I suppose I spoke for everyone when I say we were tired of waiting.

After Kinya pushed the nurse to one side we drifted in, one by one, and hovered around Kirin's bed, if that's what you would call it. He was breathing. He really was, I was so glad.

"Kirin..." Kinya whispered in distress at the sight of his condition. Kirin's eyes began to open, then closed, at the sudden burst of light flooding into them, then opened them again completely.

"Kinya...." He whispered. Kinya grasped his hand and moved in closer.

"Yes...I'm here." Kinya whispered back. No one else dared to speak.

"That...." Kirin was having trouble breathing, "that...ass.... of a...doctor...is saying that I...am going to die..."

We didn't dare speak. Kinya fondled Kirin's cold hands, as he tried to form words. Kirin blinked,

"You don't believe that ass do you? He said that my lungs were crushed, but I can breathe just, " Kirin coughed, fine."

"Kirin-sama," Kinya whispered, "Promise me, you won't leave me."

Kirin glared at him, "What's the purpose of swearing an oath of that you already know the answer to?"

"Just promise me," Kinya cried, his tears stung his eyes like an asp. "You know I can't live without you!" Kirin turned over and glanced out the window into the brightly painted sky.

"If I ever leave you, Kinya, I want you to remember our love. I don't want you to remember it like the stupid clich├ęs in romance novels, but like the paradox, love truly is. Love is a paradox of pain, desire, envy, and mirth. It's hard to capture our feelings in words, but I know you'll remember them, after all, you're the kind of sensitive fool that takes my speeches to your heart." Kirin chuckled as he turned back over to face Kinya.

"Kin-" Kirin muttered, but before he could finish, Kinya wrapped his arms around Kirin's fragile body. Kirin blushed, as Kinya embraced him. He finally realized that he and Kinya weren't alone.

"Kinya...you always were....an idiot." Kirin sighed. Kinya blushed too, as he looked into Kirin's face. The only catch was that Kirin was smiling. He was smiling really big, as I've never seen before. Without words and singling themselves out completely, they brought their faces next to each other.

"I love you, Kinya." Kirin said quietly and plainly. He closed his eyes and his breathing slowly began to separate.

"Kirin-sama...." Kinya said, tears falling from his face.

Kirin's body fell limp within Kinya's arms, and his already pallid face drained itself of any remaining colors.

"Kirin!~~~~~~~" Kinya screamed as he laid his head against Kirin's cold body, his own body convulsing with shock.

"God don't scream so damn loud you idiot," Kirin whispered. "Damn, you're dumber than I thought. Ever heard of checking for a pulse?"

"You're horrible, Kirin. Faking death that's the worst."

Kirin laughed, " I'd have to give you an 11 on a scale from one to ten in stupidity. Oh God, what did I do to deserve being loved by such an idiot?"

"Oh Kirin-sama." Kinya sighed, "Stop playing with me like that."

"One more thing..." Kirin said, "After I'm dead, I want it to be legal to beat up anyone who makes rumors about me that aren't glamorous."

"You really are more conceited than I had thought..." Kinya said, an almost worried face upon him. Kirin chuckled lightly.

"I was just kidding. But..." He stopped and his eyes wandered to the window. His smile faded quickly.

"I have a feeling that everything will take a turn for the worst."

"How can anything get any worse than this?" Kinya challenged

"Believe me, it can."

I looked over at Bitalo, but his gaze was fixed on Kirin. I wondered if Kirin was telling the truth, or if he was delirious from the incident.

However, maybe that explained why we were cursed to bear endless suffering.

"Kirin." I said quickly, "What do you mean?"

"Things are happening.... right now." Kirin said, almost zombie-like while still staring out the window. His eyes slowly grew wider.

"Kirin? Kirin, what's wrong?" Kinya said, startled by Kirin's horrified glare. I remembered what Kirin told me this morning...about the future. He didn't seem to be lying.

"Touchi....."Kirin said in a very quiet voice, "Never look at a rose and admire it for it's mere beauty. Beyond those crimson colored petals lie piercing thorns that will cease at nothing from tearing a heart asunder. Your tears will sting your cheeks, and your blood will splatter across the ground for miles, and tattoo the bodies of your dear ones. You can't escape it, because in the end you'll always be at the mercy, of the rose." I gasped.... My dream, it was like my dream.

"Come that day when all the roses shall shed tears of scarlet...." Kirin said. He closed his eyes tightly and convulsed in his bed like he was being attacked. Kinya became hysterical and the doctors rushed over to him but no one could stop him, he was lashing out everywhere. I buried my face into Bitalo's shirt for I couldn't watch Kirin suffer. What was going on?

"Everyone get out now!" one of the doctors yelled.

Reluctantly, we exited the room leaving behind Kirin and Kinya in the sea of doctors. I put my back against the wall and covered my face. The dream...very detail of it was coming back to me, and I couldn't stand it.

Bitalo rejecting me, Shido helping me, the mysterious blue boy giving me a rose and Miya and Gaylord's mangled bodies.

"No....I can't stand it...what was happening to us? Why can't me and Bitalo be happy together?!" I screamed to myself. I waited in the silence of my own tormented soul for a reply, but there was no answer.

{To be Continued}