May bridges burn forever
And cats ,smothered in the bag
until time its self stops moving forward and
love dies of old age and palsy

May the ties that bind, be cut loose
and babies evaporate with the bath
in fields of dreams, we drown
while hope sinks with the rest of us

Let beggars work and rich men toil
Let suns shine black and night skies glow
Let donkeys bark while dogs bray

Let ice fly and fires floe
And rivers plowed and weeds grow
Let rain run and racers fall
let kingdom go ,get set then come
to life to live and in death die
may bridges burn and paths break free
let times change and ties stay bind
and Nat some day find her mind

*title inspired by ..well some ones story that was posted a few secs ago but I cant find it now its like the bridges we build or something . ok I know the ending was kinda cheap but its like 12 am nd ive been up for 3 days to no sleep since Wednesday night's the weekend im out of caffeine pills... im goin to sleep..or somewhere like it ~Nat~