I Saw a Butterfly

The gray skies stare down at me
And all these people are all running around me
I cover my eyes , I no longer see,
Take these toughts outta' my head
It wouldn't be right,please,
I just wish I'd be dead.

I woke up tonight,
And watched the blue moon outside,
The skies were crimson
And it smelled like death,
I know they killed another one,
There goes another son of Seth.

I woke up tonight,
And I sat up on the hill,
Listening to the sad but violent song
The wounds I made to myself trying to heal.
And I saw a butterfly,
And I let out an amazed sigh
He placed himself gently on my hand
He's beautifully colored in black and crimson red.

He flies up , on my mouth,
I don't speak , I don't shout,
He's so beautiful ,he's perfect,
His presence is almost bright,
He swings his wings and gets ready to fly south,
I part my lips,
Open my mouth,
Crimson red dust,
I swallow the perfect winged one
As the acid rain pours down on me,
Yes , cry one me,
Since I am a sadist and a sinner,
You just won't let me die....
So I go back to the house and
Smile at my mother,
"Mom , I saw a Butterfly..."