"Please, I'm sorry.." the man shuddered painfully and whimpered," I'll be good.. please.. no more.."
A dark voice chuckled, only to echo in the deep chambers. The voice heckled and grasped
the man's lovely locks,"I'm truely sorry... but you must be punished.. my king."

I'm sorry,
no more..
Wings spread forecfully,
tugging at his chains,
no more links,
no more sins,
please don't add anymore..
the heart of a man sank, become a child again,
ghastly memories of pain,
of blood,
then of love,
then of ache.
Thousands of years crossed his memory, through the cosmos and past the sun.
His spirit welted far away now,
hidden from the pain,
no more... please no more..

Awoken in his chamber by a familiar face..
a man whom loved him..
a sins embrace.
He cupped the other in his arms and wept,
for that night was terror,
and that was all he felt.
Perhaphs light is another form of darkness,
was all he could think.
He was still in the light..
but still felt pain,
to hold back tears all he could do was blink.
The stronger form caressed his cheeks with sinning lips,
deep orbs of black warming,
now becoming blue..
he found his light in the darkness again..
another ancient death fell upon him..
for the loss of his love,
brought a new..

another form of death,
ancient as time...
took him again...
Into it's embrace, and into the far reaches of the cosmos..
back to the time..
When he was still innocent..

hush little baby... don't say a word...
mama's gonna buy you... a mocking bird...
but if that mocking bird wont sing.....