See Ya Later

wishing darkness, dancing free,
your temptation leads to me.
integration, no restraint,
go for now, relieve your hate.
as i cowered beneath the blows,
formed a plan under your nose.
but right after, you'd always say,
"I'm sorry! Forgive me!" and i'd obey.
but for once, i cannot do,
all the things you tell me to.
and just as i grab the gun,
you realize the damage you've done.
you beg and plead for my mercy,
but i have none, as you can see.
i pointed the pistol at your brain,
and promised you, "You'll feel no pain."
then i pulled the trigger at your head,
oopsies, love, looks like you're dead.
but i wondered always why,
i had never tried to cry.
suffering has ended now,
no more days i wonder how.
"I am finally free."
this thought came to me.
but i had a problem, you see,
i had to get rid of the body.
so i buried you 'neath the floor,
set the place ablaze, no you, no more.
so right now i'm starting new,
gonna live my new life through.
see ya later, my love away,
no more fear, no more today.
although my love, you have passed,
doesn't mean that you laughed last.
loved you then, hate you now,
i guess i can do without.
so as i said once more before,
see ya later, never again, no more.