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Life was normal for Elizabeth Jones until she chose the subject of her history paper, "The Greenville Files."

What are 'The Greenville Files' you ask? Not many people know. Because it was covered up with excuses, 'It was just a wild animal' or 'It was just a strange illness.'

But they lied.

 'The Greenville Files' was the name given to a series of murders that occurred in the town of Greenville fifty years ago. You see, in the small town, there was what you would call a cult. And they met deep in the forest and made human sacrifices. Yes, human sacrifices.

It started out like this.

On the night of June 4th, 1952, a policeman was on patrol as usual.  He was almost done, so he started to head back to the station. Then he smelled something; something vile, something dead.  He started to go in that direction. He didn't think it was anything serious, 'Probably just a squirrel that got ran over' he thought. Because Greenville was what you would call a model town: a nice small town, with nice people, and a nice school, what could possibly go wrong?

A body with long bloody marks all across it was what went wrong.

The policeman stumbled onto the body, hidden in the bushes.  At first, he panicked.  Then he ran back to the station and brought an investigative team over.

An investigation occurred. The result was that the corpse had lost too much blood from the cuts and had been left there.  But the marks were not made from knifes, so; they couldn't tell how he had been killed.

The case was dismissed because there was no murder weapon and there were no suspects.  Eventually the whole ordeal was forgotten until five months later when a fisherman had discovered six bodies washed upon the shore of the local stream. All of them had similar marks on them.

But again, there was no murder weapon and there were no clues as to how they had been killed (except for the loss of blood).

The murders went on for the next three months. About seven more people were killed, all dying of the same cause. But the murders would finally come to an end, when a young boy of seventeen disappeared on January 7th, 1953.

He was said to have gone out with his father for dinner. But neither the father nor son came home that night.

A week after the boy disappeared, the father came in and turned himself in to the police. He said that he and others from a group had killed the people, but he refused to tell who the others were.

He was sentenced to death. The murders then became nothing but a memory, and were soon forgotten.

Only a few people remember the murders today, and they dare not speak of them for fear that the events will repeat themselves.

There are no details anymore, only a name: 'The Greenville Files.'


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