(2/26/04) Sorry guys but this might be a short chapter. Not entirely short but shorter then recent chapters. I figure the characters need a short little break and there's going to be some funny stuff … and maybe even some fluffy stuff … that is if I feel like it.

NOTE: This story will be discontinued as of NOW. However, I may start up with it in summer once I edit all the chapters.


"You sure?"




"Absolutely one hundred percent –"


"Fine then." Elizabeth said as she pulled on the straps of her backpack. It had been decided that Elizabeth would spend the night at Laura's to wind down a bit. She had said it would make her feel better too because she'd probably come across Laura and Spencer in a fight which always made her feel good.

"My mom's going to be home anywhere from four 'o clock to nine so be expecting her. But you're probably going to have to make your own dinner so help yourself to the fridge but don't eat all of it like last time." Elizabeth said.

"I left the pickles." Wolf murmured.

"Yeah, but they were nine months expired."


"Precisely. Now maybe you can go over to John's or something or maybe even have him over here; I don't really care." Elizabeth grabbed her helmet off of her bike and then turned back to Wolf.

"Look … I'm fine alone." Wolf said before Elizabeth could speak.

"I'm sorry." Elizabeth said before staring at her feet. "I guess I just feel guilty about leaving."

"There's no reason to feel guilty." Wolf said truthfully. "It's understandable … you've gone through a lot in the past week, you need it."

A small smile came across Elizabeth's face. We've known each other for only a few months but he still knows me as well as anyone I've ever known, Elizabeth thought.

"Thanks." Elizabeth whispered retaining her smile.

"You're welcome. Now get out of here." Wolf said with a cocky grin.

"Okay" Elizabeth said looking devastatingly sad; her voice quivering as if from tears, "I know when I'm not wanted."

"Finally; I was wondering when you would get it!" Wolf exclaimed.

"So how long has this been going on?" Elizabeth asked playing along with the improv-stupid-situation. "One … maybe two months?"

"Nope … in 1948 I had a vision that I would have to eventually 'get rid of' a ugly, annoying, short, little –"

"Okay," Elizabeth said sourly. "I think you're going a bit overboard."

"Maybe … but I'm just being honest."

"Ha ha. I'm going now." Elizabeth said as she swung her leg over her bike, put her helmet on, started the engine, and backed out of the garage.

Wolf watched her turn the corner and go towards Laura's house. With a sigh, he turned back to the house and casually walked into the house, then the kitchen, and then the living room and gracefully plopped on the couch.

Great, Wolf thought. Now what?

It hadn't been even two minutes yet and already Wolf was bored. Guess there was only one thing to do: ceremoniously raid the fridge.

Piles of bread, meat, pickles, and some things that could be classified as a living organism was laid out across the kitchen counter and a very hungry Wolf stood above it all. Hands moving with great grace and experience, Wolf made himself the ultimate of all sandwiches. The delicacy was stuffed down Wolf's throat in about twenty seconds.

When Wolf looked into the refrigerator to find something to drink he immediately winced. He had eaten at least half of the food in the fridge; Liz was going to kill him.

"Crap." Wolf muttered. He began to think of possible excuses like … refrigerator termites but he figured Elizabeth would know better. The theory of burglars came to mind but the opening of the door distracted him from his thoughts.

A familiar scent burst into the kitchen; it was Elizabeth's mother, however, there was another scent. Wolf didn't think he'd ever smelt it before but as the scent got stronger he noticed that it smelled a bit like Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth! Elizabeth, I've got a surprise for you!" Ms. Jones called. Wolf could hear her open the hall closet door and hang up her coat. The sound of something heavy being rolled across the floor also sounded and it reminded Wolf a lot of a suitcase.

"Ms. Jones!" Wolf called.

"Yes dear." Ms. Jones answered as she peeked her head into the kitchen. She seemed to be hiding something; was it the suitcase? "Where's Elizabeth?" she asked.

"Elizabeth's not home." Wolf replied, "She went over to Laura's for the night; she won't be back until tomorrow afternoon after school."

"Oh …" Ms. Jones looked a bit disappointed, like finding out a special event had been canceled or something. "I was hoping she would be home; I had a surprise for her."

As she said this, a boy of about seven or so came into the kitchen behind Ms. Jones. Messy dark brown hair covered the boy's head and a pair of bright, brown eyes peeked out from under his unruly bangs. Although he looked almost nothing like Elizabeth, Wolf could immediately tell this had to be apart of her family.

"Who's that?" Wolf asked his curiosity starting to emerge.

"This is Joey." Ms. Jones answered, "He's Elizabeth's cousin from her father's side."


The phone all of a sudden ringed and Ms. Jones went to pick it up. After a few "Yes'" and "I understand" Ms. Jones hung up and then headed to the hallway to get her coat out of the closet again.

"I'm terribly sorry Wolf, Joey; but they need me at work." Ms. Jones said as she pulled on her heavy coat.

"I'll see you later." Ms. Jones said as she kissed Joey on the head. "Have fun with Wolf." And at that she left through the garage door. The sound of an engine starting then pulling out and driving off echoed in the small hallway.

Wolf leaned against the wall and then looked down at Joey. Joey caught his glance and they both stared at each other for a good amount of time.

Finally Wolf spoke up, "So … you're Liz's cousin." It was a statement, not a question.

"Yes." Joey replied shyly. Now the similarities between Elizabeth and Joey were starting to show; they seemed to have the same habits (messing with their hair as Joey was scratching his head) and ways of expressing their emotions.

"Well … I guess we're stuck together … Have you eaten yet?" Wolf asked. Although he acted like one at times, Wolf really wasn't all that good with young children.

A short nod of the head from Joey confirmed that he indeed had had lunch. Wolf looked down at him for another couple of seconds and without knowing what else to do, he turned away and made his way towards the living room where the TV was. After plopping down on the couch, putting his feet up on the table, and skillfully flicking up the remote and catching it in his hand, Wolf started to rot his brain out.

However, Joey cut into this ritual of Wolf's by slowly coming over and sitting down across from Wolf. Wolf noticed that Joey seemed intent in what he was doing; it was as if the child actually liked hearing about the drought in Greenville.

After a little while Wolf got up and then went to the kitchen to put up the dishes he had left out. He wasn't really surprised when Joey came up beside him and started to scrub a plate.

Then Wolf started getting creative.

Wolf stepped to the left; Joey stepped to the left. Wolf stepped backwards; Joey step backwards. Wolf turned around twice; Joey turned around twice; Wolf did a shuffle; Joey did a shuffle.

"Okay kid, what the heck do you think your doing?!" Wolf asked, voice rising.

"Doing?" Joey asked mockingly, "Doing what?"

"Copying me!"

"I'm not copying you." Joey said looking up at him.

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm not!"

"Yes, you are!"

"No, I'm not!"

A growl escaped through Wolf's clenched teeth. He wasn't exactly angry with the kid, just really annoyed!

"How'd you do that?" Joey asked, eyes glimmering with curiosity.

"Uh …" Oh great, he almost gave away his identity with the growl (being a half-wolf and all).

But he quickly regained himself and gave a fake cough, "Chronic Bronchitis."

"What's Chronic Bronchitis?"

"Hmm …" Wolf thought of a lie, "A horrible, horrible disease that will eventually end in your death that you get from eating … too much bread crusts."

"You mean you're going to die?" Joey asked, tears forming in his eyes.

"Um … yes; I won't live to be twenty-five." Wolf lied.

Joey's bottom lip began to tremble and he began to cry obsessively. It was then that Wolf began to panic; he had some bad experiences with crying children in the past.

"Uh … it's okay … Joey," Wolf stammered as he tried to calm the kid down. "I won't die for a long time."

"I-i-i-it's not t-t-that." Joey sobbed. "I eat bread c-c-crusts; I'M 'GONNA DIE!"

Joey then began to really sob and Wolf was even more at a loss. What was he going to do? He couldn't stand the kid all day if he cried …

"Got it!" Wolf proclaimed.

"NO!" Joey exclaimed. With great speed, Joey dived under the coffee table and started ranting about "No bread crusts, please", "Never again", and "Turkey is evil."

Wolf slid on the wood floor as he ran to get the Greenville telephone book. Once he had it, he put it on the kitchen table and frantically began searching for "Davis". After he had found it, Wolf's hand went to the telephone and he frantically began dialing the phone number.

It had always been quite strange for Wolf to use a telephone with his ears on top of his head but since he had such good hearing it was easy for him to understand what the other person was saying.

The other line began to ring and after fifteen seconds a low and very bored voice answered, "Hello."

"Hey Spencer." Wolf replied, "I need to talk to Liz … now."

"Hmm … that might take some effort. Wait just a few seconds."

Wolf heard Spencer put the phone down and then walk off; then it got interesting.





There were some thumping and scratching sounds, and a few screeches. There was a gasp and then a skidding sound but Wolf had to pull the phone away when there was a crashing noise and then Laura screamed like there was no tomorrow (plus she probably broke all the glass within five miles of her).


"What?" A panicked Elizabeth came on the other line, "Better make it quick; Laura will be out for my blood if she finds out that I got my hair wet."

"How'd you get your hair wet?" Wolf asked (getting off topic) "And what does that have to do with anything?"

"I plunged my head into a sink full of water and she was attempting to straighten my hair; the water will make my hair curly again." Elizabeth replied in a rush.

"So that's with all the … interesting sounds."

"Yes, now what do you want?" Elizabeth asked getting slightly impatient.

"Okay, your cousin is over here."

"Which cousin?" Elizabeth asked nervously.

"Joey … why?" Wolf asked confused.

A sigh escaped from Elizabeth, "Because my other cousin is … special."

"What do you mean by special?"

"I mean that he's gay."


"So Joey's over there?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yeah, and I've been having some problems with him."

"Like what?"

"He's crying because he believes that bread crusts will eventually kill him."

There was a pause on the other line and then Elizabeth's voice came across the line sounding rather angry, "And where did he get an idea like that?"

"Um … me." Wolf said nervously. "But it was to cover up for my … half-wolf-nish."

"Half-wolf-nish?" Elizabeth asked sarcastically, "You should be ashamed of yourself Wolf for making a seven year old think that!"

"Yeah … well … eagles may soar but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines?"

There was a very long pause (and a crash in the background from Laura hitting Spencer on the head with a broom) before Elizabeth answered, "Where did you hear that from?"

"A website." Wolf answered honestly.

"I'm not going to ask … get Joey on the phone; I'll try to calm him down."

"Thank you." Wolf sighed.

Wolf then had the task of finding Joey and dragging him to the phone. It was quite easy; all he had to do was sniff and he found Joey's scent immediately. Joey had moved from the coffee table to a cabinet in the dining room. Wolf pulled him out gently and then picked him up by the collar and carried him to the kitchen where the phone was.

"Y-yes?" Joey asked after Wolf forced the phone on him.

"Joey, it's me Elizabeth; are you alright?" Elizabeth asked.

"N-no … I want you here Elizabeth …" Joey's sobbing had slowly dwindled down to an occasional sniff.

"But Joey … I can't; I'm here at Laura's."

"B-b-but … I'm going to die … can't you be here?"

It took a while for Elizabeth to answer, "Yes Joey, I'll be there; in about an hour … somewhere around 9:30. But first get Wolf on the phone."

"Okay. Thank you Lizzie."

Joey then handed the phone to Wolf. With some hesitation and a little surprise, Wolf took the phone and then held it to his head.

A low and threatening voice came across the other line.

"Wolf … if you ever pull a stunt like this ever again, I will make you wish that you were back in that pet cemetery."

"Alright …" Wolf said sarcastically, "you really need to work on your people skills Liz; if you threaten people like that you're never going to -"

Elizabeth hung up.

A small grin appeared on Wolf's face as he put the phone up. But the grin faded as he looked down at Joey who was somewhat teary-eyed.

"What did she say?" Wolf asked.

Joey's frown started to turn upwards in a smile; and not one of those "I'm feeling better" but "I got what I wanted" smiles.

"Oh …" Joey said with a smile on his lips, "Elizabeth is just coming home, that's all."

The little brat! Wolf thought. He then noted how Joey seemed perfectly fine now and was happily eating some cookies from the pantry. He's making Elizabeth come home just because he wants attention.

There was a crash to Wolf's right and when he looked he found Joey next to a broken dinner plate that had been just cleaned by Wolf.

"Opps." Joey said innocently before running away from an angry Wolf.


It isn't very much but I figured I should just put something up because I'm discontinuing this story for a while (until summer vacation).

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