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"You want to court my Margaret? Well, that's the best thing I have heard in years!"

"Then, I have your permission, sir?"

"Bless you! Of course you have my permission!"

With a cheer Margaret wrapped her arms around Frederic's neck. Frederic hugged her with a laugh.

Suddenly, in the midst of all this revelry, the maid came in with a note.

"Pardon me, sir," she said to Mr. Thatcher. "But, this note just came in for you and your daughter."

Mr. Thatcher took it and looked it over. He snorted and then handed the letter to Margaret. She looked at it.

"It's from Charles. He says that he's sorry that our marriage could never take place, that by the insistance of his ailing Aunt Elizabeth he's accompanying her to Spain where he will finish his education. 'With sincerest apologies, Charles.' Well," Margaret then said, tossing the letter aside, "good for him!" She gazed at Frederic. "But, I have better things to do, then to weep over the loss of his company."

Frederic lovingly took her hand and kissed it.

"Would you care for a stroll in the garden?" Margaret asked him.

"Yes, I would!"

"Capital!" Mr. Thatcher exclaimed, "capital indeed!"

The End