You don't know just what you mean to me. I found in you life and love, all the things I couldn't have. We've hurt each other; from oblivion, out of spite. You saw me from inside my shadow, and each word you wrote shined a light on the path out of the darkness. And now I'm free, and I'm happy. And I can't help you. Because I never did for you what you've done for me. The truth is- 2004 was shit for us. But 2003 was the best year of my life, because of you. And nothing will change that. I lived for you, even when you'd rather me died. I cried for you, even when I was the one who brought you pain. You have been so much more to me than Nickie ever was. And it doesn't matter that it wasn't the same for you. I thank god every day for giving me the chance to know you, to see you, to love you. And I do, even now, just not like before. And I always will.