By:Andrew Troy Keller

What would happen if you had lost someone you love very much to an assassin's bullet?
If you're a certain someone known as Joey Crasetti,you would go get yourself a gun and extract a full doze of vengence against that assassin and the one who had hired that killer.
It had happened on Tuesday,April 8th,in which Joey and his fiancee,Angela Dabobella were enjoying a romantic afternoon at New York's Central Park.
After they had finished their picnic lunch,they were about to move their lips closer to each other and kiss each other ever so passionately.
But alas,it had never happened,for a black car had suddenly drove over to them,opened fire and zoomed away from the scene real fast.
Good news is that Joey had survived the attack.
However,the bad news is the same thing wasn't said about poor Angela,who had died in her heartbroken beloved's arms.
Soon after Angela's funeral,an enraged Joey had gone back to the same apartment that both he and Angela had been sharing before that one terrible day.
After he had gone into the bedroom and took a box out of the walk in closet,Joey had opened the box and took out a Colt .45 Magnum,the same gun that he has been using before he had met Angela.
After he had loaded the gun and looked at a picture of his beloved Angela.
And with a hand on his heart,Joey had made a pledge to track down her killer and send them straight to Hell.
And on that day,the poor heart broken man had suddenly transformed into Joey Crasetti,the one man vengeance squad.
Just then,after he had left the apartment and gone to the park's north entrance,he had spotted the same car parked in front of an apartment building on Central Park West.
He had ran over to the car and discovered a small machine gun in the backseat,which had confirmed that the man who had murdered his beloved Angela was somewhere inside the building.
After consealing his gun,Joey had walked into the building and asked the doorman where the gun for hire was to be found.
After the doorman had told him that he was to find the gunjockey in apartment B 12,Joey had gotten into the elevator and rode it up to the floor where B 12 was located.
As soon as he had gotten out of the elevator,he had walked to the apartment door,pressed his ear against it and heard the sounds of laughter and celebration,for they had masterminded the successful downfall of Angela's father,District Attorney Stanley Dabobella by turning his angel of a daughter into a real life angel.
That was when Joey had heard enough.
He had pulled out his gun,kicked the door open and opened fire on the same man who had butchered his beloved Angela.
After he had taken care of the first part of his plan of vengeance,Joey had turned towards the second mastermind,aimed his gun at that man's face and said,"Oh,just to let you know.D.A. Stanley Dabobella sends his regards."
The next day,Victoria Tortelli,the daughter of the mob boss known as Vinnie 'The Snake' Tortelli had came home from bording school,only to scream at the top of her lungs when she had discovered that her father had died from a bullet to the face.
Rest in peace,Angela.Joey's work of vengeance has ended.