Gregory had just run away form home and was walking along a deserted highway in the middle of the desert. A car was driving by and he waved his arms, hoping the car would see him and stop. The Lexus pulled up by him and a short twenty-year old man rolled down the windows of the car. He looked at Gregory's small frame and the bookbag he was carrying.

"What's the matter, kid?" he asked.

"Can I get a ride to the next town?" Gregory asked.

The young man measured him up. A runaway, he thought. I'll take him to the next town and then try to get him to call his parents. His mom will be worried. "Yeah, sure, but the next town is four miles away. You're welcome to get in if you'd like."

Gregory got in the car and took a seat next to the young man. After an hour of driving, Gregory had found out the guy's name was Chris. He was on vacation but no one knew where he was. Gregory smiled. Perfect, he thought. He reached into his book-bag and touched the object he was looking for. He took it out and pointed it at Chris.

"Stop the car," Gregory said.

"What in the world?" the man said, turning to look at the boy. There was a gun in Gregory's hand and it was pointing straight at him. Chris pressed the brakes and the car skidded to a stop.

"Get out of the car," Gregory said in a cold voice.

The man got out slowly. There were in the middle of a desert with no one around for miles; the ideal place for murder. Gregory took the man's wallet from him and told Chris to put his book-bag on, which he did. Then Gregory shot him.

Gregory headed back to the car feeling high. He had just got a new Lexus and a ton of money that was in the man's wallet. Chris had on Gregory's book-bag and they were about the same size. With luck, people will think that Chris was Gregory and no one would look for him anymore.

As Gregory headed back to the Lexus, a flock of crows had already started feasting on the dead man's flesh. Soon there will be nothing left but a skeleton.

The man was stupid, Gregory thought as he got in the car. Gregory may look innocent and small, but he was really seventeen and very definitely not innocent. Chris should not have picked up a stranger in the middle of the high way. Gregory will not make his mistake. He started the car and looked for his next victim.

Author's note: I am interested in psychopaths and serial killers. I want to know why they do what they do. This is my first time writing suspense and I think I did pretty well. I also like to make my characters seem innocent and make them exactly the opposite. One of the reasons that it is fun to do is because it surprises people. The theme of this story is do not pick up people you don't know. I hope people who read this story remember this next time a stranger asks for a ride.

I wrote this for creative writing. I do have a boy name Gregory in my class who looks very cute and angelic but is really a devil in disguise. No, I don't have a crush on him; he's my brother's friend. I showed this story to him, and he looked at me and smiled. He said, and I quote, "You know me so well," and flashed that evil looking grin of his.