Violet and Pearl Once upon a time, there was an old lord named Kegan who had two very beautiful daughters with different mothers, both of them dead. He loved his daughters very much, though some say he loved the youngest one more because she was the one who looked the most like him. They lived in a huge mansion in a big prosperous city where there were lots of lords and ladies. Lord Kegan was an extremely rich and powerful person so many young lords hoped to win the hand of one of his daughters in hopes of getting richer or receiving more power.

The elder daughter was named Violet. She had dark chocolate-brown eyes, silk black hair, and pale ivory skin. Her personality was strong and confident. Many people were wary of her because she always seemed to be sure of herself. They viewed her as cold and calculating. It seemed like she lived in a different world from everyone else since she always held herself aloof. It wasn't that she was proud. It was just that the everyday things that people gossiped about did not interest her. She had a sense of lost innocence and sophistication about her, as if she knew about the world and how cruel it can be.

The youngest daughter, who was two years younger than Violet, was named Pearl. Where Violet was dark, Pearl was light. She had strawberry-blond hair and bright sky-blue eyes. She was innocent and carefree, everything that Violet wasn't. She was open and friendly to everyone everywhere she went. Violet was especially protective of her. She was extremely close to her innocent little sister. No one could understand how two people of such vastly different personality could love each other so much, not even their own father.

When Violet was eighteen and Pearl sixteen, their father died, and they each were left with a huge inheritance. Almost at once, they were bombarded with young handsome men asking for their hands. Most of them asked for Pearl's hand, and only some for Violet's, for they were afraid of her otherworldliness. Violet was not jealous of her sister at all. She had no interest for marriage and preferred to have her own freedom. But Pearl, on the other hand, was filled with romantic notions of falling in love. Although Violet had no interest in marriage, she wanted Pearl to marry well, and to marry someone who would love her and take good care of her. Pearl accepted Violet's decision in helping her choose a suitable husband for she knew nothing about men and what they were capable of doing. They all looked good to her because they were all very kind and generous to her, showering her with many gifts and trinkets. Violet, on the other hand, knew there were some men who wanted to marry Pearl just for her money and getting a higher title.

After several long months of hard searching, Violet finally found a suitable man for Pearl. He was a little bit richer than her, but that was a good trait. Men tended to grow bitter if their wife was richer than they were. Violet had hired a private detective to get information on him. She liked what she found. He was pleasant and thoughtful, not only to people of his own stations, but also to those beneath him. Also, his age was just right, the ripe age of twenty-one, not too old and not too young. She asked Pearl what she thought about him, and Pearl was delighted. Violet decided to arrange a meeting between them to see how things would play out.

The next day, Violet arranged for Richard, for that was his name, to come to meet Pearl. Richard had bright golden hair, bronze skin, and a boyish smile, making him extremely attractive and handsome. They liked each other at first sight. Richard often came to take Pearl for morning walks, riding horses, and going to parties. After being together for six months, they decided to get married. They would have gotten married sooner, but Violet wouldn't approve because she thought it was too soon if they got married in only two months after they had met.

They had their wedding celebration inside Richard's new house that he built. Anyone who was anyone important was there. Violet was in high spirits because her sister was so happy. Even then, she felt that there was something empty. She had always felt this way; that she was not part of the community and did not belong. Many men asked her to dance but she did not accept any.

She suddenly felt someone watching her, but when she turned to look, there was no one there. Normally, she was not a paranoid person, but she felt that something wasn't right. Then she laughed at herself for thinking of such a notion. She decided to take a walk in the courtyard to clear her mind.

The moonlight shined down on the beautiful courtyard, radiating a sense of wildness and beauty. As she walked around, looking at the flowers, she once again felt someone watching her. She spun around, and this time she saw who it was. It was a young man around the age twenty- two. He was clothed in black, making it hard to see him. Violet was suddenly very wary for she sensed danger radiating from this man.

"What do you want?" she asked calmly and coldly. She felt a little frightened, but no one would be able to tell, except for Pearl, who knew her so well.

The stranger stepped out of the shadow. "Don't you remember me, Violet? Don't you remember our promise?"

Violet gave a little gasp. "Domitan," she whispered, then ran over and threw her arms around him. Ten years ago, they had met at a one of Lord Kegan's dinner parties. Their fathers had been best friends and hoped their children would marry each other. Domitan had been the only person who accepted her, except for Pearl. From the day they met, they knew they had been destined fro each other. She had promised that she would wait for him. When they grew up, they would marry. Then, shortly a year after they met, the enemies of Domitan's family killed most of his family and the rest had disappeared out of sight.

"Domitan, why are you here?" Violet asked. "Isn't it dangerous for you to be here? What about your enemies? What if they found you?"

"I've found them," he said coldly. "I know who killed my family now. And I will make them pay for what they did."


"Lord Richard."

"You mean, Pearl's father-in-law?"

"Pearl is married to his son?"


"I'm going to kill them all, just like what they did to my family. Don't worry, I promise I will spare Pearl."

"No! Please, don't ruin Pearl's happiness. She just got married."

"I'm sorry, Violet. I have to. If I don't, how can I face my parents in the underworld?"

Violet was quiet for a minute. "How are you going to kill them?" she asked finally.

"I'm going to ask him to a duel tomorrow. I will allow Pearl to have one night of happiness at least," he said, looking into her eyes.

Violet felt so sad. She felt torn in what she should do. She loved her sister, but she also loved Domitan. She remembered an old saying blood runs deeper than water. She didn't say anything, but just laid her head on his shoulders.

When the wedding celebration was over, Domitan came with her to her mansion. That was the only place where he would be completely safe. Her servants would not gossip, for she had trained them to be closed-mouthed. Violet told Domitan that she was going to get some wine and that she did not trust the servants to get it.

Violet got out a fifty year old wine from her cellar. She poured two glasses of it. She hesitated, and then she poured a little bit of white powder into each glass and stirred them around with a spoon so that no specks of white remain. Forgive me, Domitan, she thought. She placed both glasses on a silver platter and carried it to Domitan.

They each took a glass and raised it to each other. Violet watched as Domitan downed his glass, and then she gulped down hers as well. If Domitan died, she did not want to live either. Domitan suddenly let out a big yawn. He smiled at her sheepishly, and Violet forced herself to smile in return.

"I suddenly feel tired," he said as a way of explaining his yawn.

"I'll lead you to your room," Violet said. "She let him to her own room and watched as he took off his shoes and fall asleep on her bed. She sat by his side, brushing the bangs that had fallen across his face. She laid her head on his chest gently.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, tears coursing down her face as she slowly closed her eyes.

The next day, Domitan and Violet were found in lying next to each other in Violet's room, dead. When Pearl heard about the death, she fainted into Richard's arms. It is said, that although Pearl once more became a cheerful woman a year after her sister's death, she never fully recovered.

Author's note: Now you know why you shouldn't trust beautiful girls. Tell me what you think of it.