The Fortress of Dawn
Nat Forbes

She saw the man coming . He'd been tracking her for days. From school to the crossroads to the corner store he was always there. Disguised as a janitor, a tourist a blind man. But she could feel his eyes on her behind his dark shades even now as he bore down on her. She didn't bother to run. Her body stiffened as his hand contacted her shoulder, it was cold ,as ice . She let her eyes wander to it, blue veins stood out beneath the thin skin of her knobby wrists.

He swept her up in one swift motion and cast her over his shoulders. One by one his skeletal frame lumbered down the stair and out the front gate with her dangling over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. She tried to scream to call out to the old man on the side walk but he was frozen in place, his stele blue eyes looking far into the future. The sound of traffic was loud in her ears but the cars on the street stood frozen in place . A plastic bag hovered in mid air above the cars ,their drivers locked into the moment .

She tried to struggle against him but his vice like arms held her. He moved slowly but with each step she could see her world disappearing into a dull grayness until there was nothing but the sound of her breathing. He deftly switched her position in his arm ,blood rushed to her head, her feet kicked frantically at the air but there was still no release. She closed her eyes tightly as a sudden burst of light blinded her.

She could see the light even with her eyes closed, tinted red beneath her lids the world looked bathed in blood. She opened her eyes banishing that image and nearly fell to the floor as the mans grip on her waist relaxed. She landed on her feet as she always did, but this time her knees hurt. Looking down she realized her form had yet to change.

"Hurry Moggle !" she demanded to the thin creature before her. "Mother will be furious if she catches me like this again!"

Moggle didn't reply but opened a small case he carried and extracted a tiny blue pill. She swallowed it and relaxed as her form shifted back. Looking in a large glass mirror mounted on the wall she checked herself for any anomalies, last time it was hair, the time before that a scrap of fabric. Satisfied with herself the girl walked towards the door, Moggle followed shaking its head wearily.

This was the third time this month the girl has sneaked away and infiltrated another Dimension. Moggle knew and had warned against the Mothers having children., but he was simply Moggle ,and nobody cared for his opinion. Catching himself ,he returned to the girls room an closed and secured the waver he had created in the other dimension. He watched as the creatures of that world jerked into action and continued on with their uninterrupted lives. He sealed this entrance both ways lest one of those beasts found their way wondering around the Grand Fortress of Dawn. Perisophle, the great mother would truly be furious then.