Hey everybody! This is an idea that came to me. It's turning out pretty well. Just watch yourself so you don't get horny!! Hehe.

Picking up my bag I left the bar. I sing and perform at Danny's Bar on 3rd Willow Lane. From 6 pm to midnight. I don't get paid much but at least it's enough to pay my bills for my apartment. My name is Laura Leigh. I live by myself only 4 blocks from where I work, and I also have 2 cats, Serrano and Mashka. Serrano is more attached to my twin sister, Heather, though. I'm ok with that. Heather also lives with me but works 2 miles away. It's a little after one am now and I'm one block away from home. I reach the apartment complex, and walked up the three flights of stairs, and reach my room on the top floor, room 30C. I unlock the door. I am immediately greeted by Mashka followed by Serrano. I put my keys and bag down in the hall and walk into the living room. "Ahhh! Oh fuck Heather not again!" I yelled as I saw my sister lying on the floor with a guy. She was lying on top of him and they were both naked. "What Laura I cant help the fact that I'm sexy!" says Heather. "Whatever, just sex crazed!" Heather giggles and goes back to having sex with the unknown guy. I went into my room and lay down on my bed and dozed off. 5 hours later there was a knock on the front door. I got out of my room and walked across the hall to the door and opened it. "Hey Kitty (my nickname)!" my boyfriend said. "Hi Erik, come on in and don't pay any attention to the two naked people in the living room!" I said opening the door wider letting him in. "Um ok!" he said as he walked in. I took his hand and pulled him upstairs to the loft. "Does your sister do that often?" he asked. "Every night and I might add with a different man. I'm surprised she's not pregnant yet!" I replied. "Uh huh!" he said. I could tell he was nervous. "Don't worry about it!" I said sitting on the futon. He sat next to me and put his arm around me. I snuggled up next to him. "So what do ya want to do?" I asked. "I don't know babe!" he said pulling me closer. I looked into his brown eyes, black hair, and tanned skin. I moved closer to him. He suddenly kissed my lips. I felt him insert his tongue into my mouth. He placed his hands on my hips and slid them up my back and slid off my shirt. I slipped off his. This side of him I never saw before. I could feel my hormones racing. I stopped to breathe, and looked at his muscular body. "I can't believe I'm doing this!" "We haven't done anything yet!" he said scooting closer to me. I stretched and fell back onto the futon. He laid over me and began to unzip my jeans and slid them off, threw them on the floor. He kissed my stomach and went up to my lips again. I slipped off his pants and threw them on the floor and put my arms around him. Then my sister came up to the loft and saw us; she had clothes on. "Wow I didn't know your boyfriend was so HOT!!" she said. "What do you want Heather?" I said breaking from our kiss. "I was just coming to tell u I'm leaving for work. And don't worry Brad left. See ya! Oh! And don't forget the condoms.Laura!!" she said. "Oh get out already!" I yelled. "Fine, fine I'll go!" She went back down stairs and left. "I cant wait until she moves out!" I said. "Yeah me too!" he said. I laughed. He started kissing me again. I could feel him unhooking my bra. I kissed him back.

About 3 hours later I woke up next to Erik on the floor. He looked cute fast asleep. I got up, grabbed two blankets, put one on Erik, and the other around me. I walked down stairs to my room to change. It was 9 am in the morning. I decided to take a shower. I turned on the water, dropped the blanket, and stepped in. I was in the middle of my shower when Erik came in. I knew it was him because he puts his hands on my hips, that's what he always does. "Good morning!" I said. He put his chin on my shoulder then he kissed my neck. "Good morning babe!" he said. I grabbed my washcloth and covered it with soap and ran it over my body. Erik took it from me and rubbed my back with the washcloth. I, I mean, we finished showering and I went to my closet. I grabbed some light blue jeans, and a tight fitting black sleeveless shirt. I walked out to the kitchen. Erik was sitting in the living room, wearing his jeans and white shirt, watching tv. "Hey you want something to eat Erik?" I yelled. "Sure baby. I don't care what!" he said. "Breakfast or lunch?" "Breakfast!" "Ok!" I said. I made him a hot ham and cheese sandwich and brought it out to him. "Here!" I said handing him the plate. "Thanks!" he said giving me a kiss. "Are you going to eat anything?" "No, I've had my share!" I said. He smiled. Erik finished his sandwich, turned off the TV, and walked into the kitchen. I followed. He put his plate in the sink. "Well I gotta go!" he said hugging me. "Ok I'll see ya around, will you be at the bar tonight?" I asked. "Of course, I'll see ya there!" "Good, buh bye!" I said. He kissed my lips then left. I sat on the couch in the living room and stared up through the skylight. I decided to draw in my notebook.

Nine hours eventually pass and I'm now at work. Erik is sitting in the front row. I'm singing my hit song. And other guys are trying to look up my skirt. They're all drunk too. The song ends and I go into the back. Erik comes in. "Hey sweetie!" he says massaging my shoulders. "That feels good!" I say. He whispers in my ear. "Sorry babe but I got to go! I got a call from my boss and I have a business meeting in Chicago and my flight is soon. So I'll see you when I get back ok?" he said. "Ok! I love you!" "Love you too!" he says and kisses my neck up to my mouth. I smile. "See ya!" he said and left. I sing the rest of the night and leave to go home. The bartender says, "See you tomorrow night Kitty!" "Bye Zach!" I said. I left the bar and started walking home. I had a strange feeling that I was being followed so I walked faster. I reached my room and unlocked the door. A man wearing black pushed the door open and pushed the door open and pushed me in. "Who are you? What do you want?" I said. I began to panic. He shut the door. "Come on let's go!" he said pulling me into my room. He pushed me on the bed and stripped me down and raped me.