Meisuko held Tai's hand tightly, her mind and heart wouldn't allow her to let go. She hadn't eaten at all for three days.

She changed the wet cloth on his forehead and looked at him with guilt.

"Tai…I'm sorry…" She whispered.

"Meisuko! I brought you some food and …." Marcu trailed off. "Meisuko what are you doing?" Marcu asked.

Meisuko turned to him; her hands had runes on them now.

"Marcu. Go….I'm not going to hurt him." Meisuko mumbled.

"Morf Emit Dna Ecaps

Tel Thgil Dna Krad

Tcetorp Sluos


Meisuko chanted, closing her eyes as a familiar power surged through her.

When she opened her eyes she was in a house. She saw a little boy, who was Tai, and the present day Tai. Then she turned and saw a man. Tai's father.

"You're not my son!" the man bellowed at the little boy.

"Daddy…" the little boy cried.

Meisuko's eyes widened. She knew the pain just as Tai did. She wanted to hug the little boy and tell him it was okay. But she couldn't. It was only a memory. She then looked at the present Tai who was watching this with tears as well. He was reliving it.

Meisuko walked past the little boy and the man straight to Tai. She looked at him in the eyes. She saw the sadness in his face and caressed his cheek.

"You're not alone…I know the pain. I know that you do not want to be like him. Please…let me help you be free from this cage. Do not become the nightingale whose soul is forever silent." Meisuko pleaded.

"No! You don't know! You have a family!" the little boy shouted.

Meisuko turned to the little boy. She was shocked. He wasn't a memory; he was Tai's pain.

"Tai. I do know. They aren't my real parents. Please let me in." She continued to plead.

"No! I can't! How can I trust you?" The little boy demanded.

Meisuko looked the boy in the eyes.

"You have to believe me. I want to help you. I don't want you to become what you hate most. I want you to become someone who is beautiful and strong." She stated.

The little boy frowned at Meisuko.

"Tai. I never let anyone see the real me. I know how hard it is to keep up with acting like everything is okay when it's really not. How people say they understand, when they never could. All I'm saying is that I know that deep and heart wrenching pain. I want to help you. Please. Let me help you be free from that pain." Meisuko's voice started out strong and then quieted down to almost a whisper.

The little boy looked at her and must have seen her pain. He ran up to Meisuko crying as he hugged her. Meisuko embraced the little boy, picking him up and moving closer to Tai.

"You both will be free and I will protect you as much as I can." She vowed.

She felt the little boy turn and embrace his present self. She watched as Tai awoke from his dream like state.

"Meisuko." He whispered.

"I still have your pain and it shall be returned." Meisuko promised.

Meisuko leaned in a kissed the baffled boy, she closed her eyes and when she opened them, she found her lips still upon his. She sat up and saw Tai's peaceful smile.

"Meisuko, what happened?" Marcu asked.

"I helped him begin on the path to rebirth. Marcu, thank you, for everything you've done. He's safe now. He's sleeping peacefully now because of us. You've helped him a great deal." Meisuko commented.

She stood up and went to eat something off the tray of food Marcu had brought. Marcu stood there somewhat baffled, but he sat with her.

"The runes on your hands are gone." Marcu stated.

"Yes. They are. And it will be a long time before they are seen again." Meisuko stated.

~Everyone Has A Desire~

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