The Search for the Better Half

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Chapter 1: A Rough Encounter

KRIIIIIINGG!!! BANG! "Stupid, noisy alarm clock!" Sarah Davison screamed, her blue green eyes flashing dangerously while she continuously abused the helpless alarm clock. Then, when she noticed what time it was, she screamed even more, "Its eight o'clock?! Oh no! I'm going to be late! S***!" She rushed over to the bathroom to take a bath and hurried over to her dresser to get her clothes. She did a once-over in front of the mirror, straightened her clothes, looked at her 5'8'' built and went out of the room, then rushed back in. "Freakin' hair! I can never get it placed where I want it to be!" After a few minutes of "lecturing" her honey blond hair and finally getting it into place, Sarah grabbed her car keys and was going out of the door until...

Rrriiiingg! Rrriiiing! "S***! F***!" Sarah let out a couple more curses until she decided to answer the phone, "Hello? Mom? I can't talk right now; I have to get to work!"

"But, honey, I've got something to talk to you about. It's about..." Rema Davison started until her daughter rudely cut her off.

"Mom, if you're going to lecture me about being single again, I swear, I'm going to hang up."

"Sarah, you're already 25 years old, old enough to get yourself a husband and give me some grandkids! Your older brother and 2 older sisters are already married and have kids of their own. You're the only one I'm waiting for." Rema almost pleaded.

"Mom, that's just the point, I'm only 25 years old. I still have lots of time to look for the 'perfect' guy!" Sarah justified. When Rema started her argument once again, Sarah groaned and begged over the phone, "Mom, I really have to go now. I'm going to be late, and it's my first day of work. I don't want them to get a wrong impression of me." However, as expected, her mother just kept on going about husbands, marriage, and grandchildren. Sarah heaved a heavy sigh and interrupted her mother for the nth time, "Goodbye, Mom! I'll talk to you some other time." Then she hung up.

It was then that Mrs. Davison realized nobody was listening to her ranting, "Hello? Sarah, are you still there? Sarah!" she exclaimed.

Sarah sighed once more and then, she snatched all of her documents and clutched her purse and made a mad dash out of her apartment. She made a run for her car, and when she finally reached it, she zoomed off. Unfortunately, she was cut off by the usual morning traffic. The whole of Manhattan was rattled by a loud scream.

Unbeknownst to Sarah, a mother and son were having the very same conversation she had with her own mother.

**************************************************************************** **

"Mom, I can't believe you came here just to tell me that I need a wife!" Matthew Clarks belted out while running a hand through his dark brown hair. His hazelnut eyes looked tiredly at his mother as he explained, "Mom, you do know that I am very busy right now, running this business and all, and getting a wife may block me from getting any work done."

Roxanne Clarks, Matthew's mother, tried once more. "You're just saying that, Matt. In fact, you're not busy with work; you're just busy with all your women! Why can't you just take it one at a time so you can find out who is the 'perfect' woman for you?"

Matt's eyes widened, all the while he was thinking, BUSTED!

Roxanne took this as an opportunity and continued. "I'm your mother, so don't even wonder how I know about your silly antics. Besides, I go on a weekly visit to your best friend's house, Nicholas. But, anyway, I really think that..."

Matthew smirked at his mother's words and then cut her off. "I can't believe you would go to him just to find out about me."

"Well, it's because my own son refuses to tell his mother about his life!" Roxanne screamed. Then, she remembered what she came here to do, "But that's another lecture, I'm here to talk to you about getting yourself a wife and getting me some grandchildren." Mrs. Clarks started once more.

'Oh brother!' Matt thought. He stood doggedly, with his frame of 6'1'', his stance revealed his tenacity and stubbornness to his mother's wishes.

**************************************************************************** **

After waking up pretty late, her mother's on-slaught, and morning traffic, Sarah finally reached her new workplace, bummed but still in one piece. She entered the building, M & N Enterprises, ready to take on her new job with full force.

Matthew Clarks quickly stormed out of the room, out of sight. "I need some peace and quiet, and I certainly can't get it in there!" thought Matthew harshly. "How can Mom even think of something like that? Me? Married? I'd rather die than give up being a bachelor!" Random thoughts flooded Matthew; most were fueled by the suggestion of getting married. Even his curses could be heard miles away despite the fact he was 'holding them in.' He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't notice that he bumped right into somebody until that somebody said, more like screamed, "Excuse me!"

Matthew was quickly pulled out of his thoughts by that voice. He planned to burst out an annoyed "What?" until he saw what happened. Papers were cluttered everywhere, a purse was left wide open with its contents nowhere near it and lastly, there was a woman on the floor. "Oh, I'm really sorry! I wasn't minding where I was going." Matthew quickly apologized while offering a helping hand.

The woman roughly pushed his hands away and replied with an "Apparently!" Then, she stood up to brush herself off.

"Hey! I said I'm sorry didn't I?" He replied, clearly not in the mood for this. The woman didn't mind him and instead, stooped down to pick up the scattered things.

"Here let me help you." Matthew, after keeping his anger on check, came to his senses and decided to help the woman. She, once again, just brushed his help off and went on picking up her stuff. "Well! I guess you don't need my help!" He replied angrily, completely forgetting his anger meter.

The woman stood up and calmly said, "I don't need your help. You've already done enough, as you can clearly see." Then she stormed off after getting all of her things together.

Matthew stood abashed and once again came back to where he started from, angry and screaming. "Women! See, this is why I can't get married. I can't even get along with them!" And many more similar words can be heard in the building.

**************************************************************************** **

Meanwhile on the other side of the building, other sets of screaming can be heard, but of another reason, "Men! They're the scum of the earth, I say!" Sarah Davison blurted out.

A woman replied, "Yeah, but there's this saying that goes that we 'can't live with them, can't live without them.' What's up with you?"

Sarah relayed the story, "Well, there's this guy who happened to knock me over because he wasn't watching where he was going. Talk about clumsy! And annoying! And..." and the list went on.

"Okay, okay, hang on, sister, steady yourself. It looks as if it's your first day working here and we wouldn't want you to be fired because of you screaming like that, now, would we?" The woman said.

"Well, yeah, I guess you're right." Sarah replied, slowly cooling down.

Claire introduced herself while lending out her hand to Sarah, "Oh, by the way, my name's Claire Hughes. And you are?"

Sarah took her hand and shook it while she introduced herself, "My name's Sarah, Sarah Davison."

Claire was generous enough to spend time with Sarah to show her around the building.

"Wow, this is a really huge building, and it's really beautiful," Sarah exclaimed. The building was indeed huge, with 24 stories, the top floor having a skylight that reflected the sun's golden rays. It was an incredibly high-tech place because its elevators were for employees and employers with a valid ID only, it had cameras surveying each and every floor and office, and of course, it had a metal detector at the main entrance. And it was also beautiful for it had a fountain at the entrance and the building's name, which can be found at the main hall and the outside of the building, was encased in gold metal plates.

Claire laughed at Sarah's expression and said, "Yeah, well, you know, when you're awfully rich and have money to burn, you can lavishly decorate your building."

Sarah laughed, too, and agreed with what Claire said. Then, she continued looking at the sight before her, which was indeed lavishly decorated with chandeliers hanging up in the ceiling and glazed walls that looked like honey was splattered all over it. 'Why,' Sarah thought, 'this could almost pass up to be a grand hotel!'

The tour of the building continued, and Sarah and Claire became quick friends. They shared stories and Claire filled Sarah in on the newest gossips in town, or in their case, in the office. Claire introduced Sarah to everyone she knew, her green eyes particularly huge and her brown hair bobbing up and down when it came to this one guy.

"Oh, Sarah, this is Dean Franks; he works over there in the records office."

Suddenly, Claire's eyes lost its luster and Sarah could've sworn that her 5'7'' frame bent lower when she saw another woman clinging to Dean's arm, "Oh, and this is Maria, Dean's girlfriend," Claire said without much excitement as before. Sarah had on a secret smile, realizing what was going on.

With the tour finally ended, Sarah and Claire went back to their posts and started with their work. They were in charge of fixing documents for their boss, answering his calls, taking note of his meetings and such, in short, they were the secretaries. Sarah was so intent with doing her job until someone came in the room, "Claire! Claire! That's the obnoxious guy I was talking to you about, the one who bumped into me."

Claire looked up from her work and exclaimed, "What? Are you kidding? That's the head boss, our boss, Matthew Clarks!"

Sarah would've fainted dead away due to what Claire had just said because true enough, Matthew Clarks was the one entering the room.


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