Another year

Has passed her by

With a blink

Of one girl's eye

A sudden change

That she expected

Did not occur

Thus she reflected

Another year

Much like the others

An eternity of time

To her sisters and brothers

Seconds, minutes,

Days, years,

All intermingled

With reality's tears

A year of sorrow

A year of change

That she remembered

With a heartfelt pang

Slow upheavals

Like fading mist

And sweeter moments

Like fruit, sun-kissed.

One life behind her

Eternity ahead

All these thoughts

Flashed through her head

And her heart pounded

Her blood did race

As she looked in the mirror

At her very own face

It all stayed the same

As much twelve as thirteen

And she smiled

For he had much life left to be seen

With her secrets within her

And the whole world without

Love was waiting for her

She had no need to pout

She smiled

For, this special day

Was just one

In a lifetime, yet to give way.

-San Carpenter

(A/N: Happy birthday, Hannah!)