She glared at the wall as thought it was the cause of her pain, eyes dark with rage. But she knew better. Knew much better than to blame anyone but the source of her pain.


The only person who could cause her pain. Incite her rage. Or calm her down. Only Alex could do anything to harm her, to help her, to save her.

The only person who could betray her.

She had always known it would happen. Alex's big mouth, talkative ways... She knew her secrets would become gossip eventually.

But it still burned.

And everyone knew. They knew that she had a crush. On the most popular girl in school. They knew that she practiced wicca, and held regular seances with her friends, just to see if they'd work. That she believed in aliens, and yeti, and demons. That she was severely depressed.

How long until her parents found out?

She didn't want to wait to see. It was too hard... It was simpler, simpler to just aim the gun, to pull the trigger... That was all she had to do... So tempting... She squeezed her eyes shut, and took a deep breath.


That was the easy way out. She had promised Alex to never take the easy way out. But... Alex had promised not to tell anyone...

Damn Alex.

A half an hour later, Alex put the gun back into the cabinet, and slammed the lock home.

Not yet...