Lady Raseleane: Konnichiwa minna! Thanks again if you're still reading this story! I'm currently editing everything to make the story a little easier to understand and a little more interesting! Please feel free to give me some advice on how to do that though! I'm also writing a few more stories right now, so feel free to check them out! ^^; Shameless self-advertising, gotta love it!

Shards of Eternity - This is shonen-ai right now, but it might become yaoi later on. ^^;

Himitsu no Uta: Song of Secrets/Secret Song - This is shonen-ai too, but I definitely know that it'll be yaoi. ^^; I'm not too sure when I'll put this one up though.

Forms of Darkness - The sequel to The Unknown. ^.~ It's mainly about Seif and Aidan.

Thanks! Bai!