A/N: Eh, cyber-assholes suck. -_- Just a little random tidbit.


So I've been lucky
yes, I certainly think so

I've never been personally attacked
or discriminated against for my beliefs

The most I've ever recieved
was a girl calling me creepy when she
thought I wasn't listening (or did she?)
in seventh grade

This is the most I've dealt with in person

But there's a world
different from the one I'm sitting in

One that exists and doesn't exist simultaneously
where people fear nothing
and have no qualms telling me how wrong I am

Hardcore fundies
("I'm telling you you're going
to hell because I love you and Jesus does too")

and self-professed "tolerant" fellow pagans
("My craft
is a million times more authentic than your craft")


This is the magic of the digital world

I wonder
if they could say what they say
if they were to look me in the eye and see the emotion
and conviction