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Chapter 4

Wow. This is...boring.

Student council really out did themselves at making the gym look like a mess of crepe paper and balloons this time. Hmm. It's not fair! Every time I go to the bathroom I hit my head on those stupid crepe things hanging down!!! The student council members obviously did not consider tall people when hanging decorations.

And with my platform sandals on, I'm nearly six feet tall.

When Chris and me walked in, after an extremely silent ride there, Chris got caught up in a particularly messy section of crepe hanging down, and fell over crying out "help, it's attacking me!!!"

He said later that he was only kidding, but I have a feeling he wasn't at the time.

When Chris and I dance I feel like a redwood tree or something. All the couples around me are so SHORT!!!

But one of my good friends Trisha (the one who gave me the handcuffs) Says that I'm just tall.




Humph. Elderly people are no fun.

Just when thing's were getting good Mrs. Warner had to ruin it all. A very good and inspiring rap song was being played by the D. J. (edited of course) and we were all singing along, even singing the bleeped out words.

Well Mrs. Warner thought we shouldn't say those things, so she told the D. J. to stop.

God. What a party pooper.


She's making the D. J. play scary eighty's and ninety's songs!!!!



Damnit. That stupid Michael Jackson song is stuck in my mind.


"Just beat it. Beat it. La la la la la, Bea- don't look at me that way Chris. Jeez."


YAY! They've opened the courtyard, at last! Now we can eat outside!!! It's fun to eat outside because we can run around all we want and not have to worry.

Except for the dreaded Coach Myers.


Don't even get me started on that WEIRDO! Ugh! He carries around a football. A football. EVERYWHERE! I mean, one time, when we took our trip to New York, there was Coach Myers, in the middle of a hotel, RIGHT ON Times Square, carrying around a FOOTBALL!!!


I don't see how he became a coach; he's such a whiney clumsy guy, girl, it, whatever.

But anyway, it figures. As soon as me and my friends get comfy, he comes out and sits down.


Oh. YAY! He left!


I just felt something very wet hit me. I look up and there's Jacki, one of my other best friends. She threw a grape at me! I'll get her!

I throw a pretzel back at her, oops, it hit Marci instead.


Marci threw a goldfish at ME, but it missed and hit Julie.



"Hey I didn't hit you, Marci did!" I shout when Julie his me in the head with a piece of her Oreo.

So I throw a pretzel at her, but it veens at the last minute and hit's Trisha.

Well, Jacki and I have started a full out food fight.

It's WAR!!!!!!!!!


Oops. Busted.


Sooooooo. Jacki and me are sitting back in the Cafeteria.

Out oh so smart coach Myers gave us assigned seating.



How pitifully stupid that guy is.

I had to run out to the courtyard and grab our backpacks, so I told everyone about how he sat us together.

They agree with me about how stupid he is.




Jacki and me have been called up to the Vice Principal's office. Oh well.

We're sitting here, next to each other and the lady who's supposed to be watching us is off talking to one of the guys who's always in here. Talking about her new car apparently.


That means Jacki and me are free to discuss how we should tell the principal what happened. Jacki and me decided to take the blame since it was us who started it.

Well jacki took the wrap alone at first but I joined her, insisting she shouldn't be the only one blamed.

Hmm. I'm running my hands through my hair, it needs to be brushed.

I take out my brush, and then look over at Jacki. She happens to be brushing her hair at the same time am.

We look at each other then burst out laughing.

"HEY! Keep quiet down there!"

Whoa. Guess she was watching us.


Well. I have two hours of detention I need to do. That's all.

What a waste of time. Jacki and me spent nearly two hours in that office. That should've been our detention time.

Oh well.

It was either two hours of detention or two days of I. S. S.

Hmmm. Tough choice.

Oh and we're banned from eating in the courtyard.

When the Vice Principal told me, I just blurted out in my most sarcastic voice "Gee. That's a tragedy."

But he ignored me.

Thank god I didn't get in any more trouble.

And he called my house and left a message that my mom should call him back to discuss my behavior.


The minute I got home, I deleted the message.

Heh. Heh.


I told my mother, but as usual she doesn't care.

She just told me that next time to not bother telling her when she was asleep.

I innocently told her she hadn't been asleep, she just wasn't fully awake.

My mother wasn't listening though, she'd gone back to sleep and was snoring in my face.

My mother is so rude.

And lazy.

Like me.

I love her so.


Chris apparently thinks that just because I went to the dance with him we are now a couple.

I'm about to tell him this when he mentions something about Benji.

"Yeah. They're having a party this weekend. And they said I could come." Chris said.

"But isn't there going to be beer and stuff?"

"Well, yea. But I can't have any. But then again neither can Benji, but he'll probably have some anyway."


"Why can't Benji have beer?" I ask, now that I'm curious about what Chris has to say.

"Well, he's underage. He super smart or something so he's ahead in school one year. He should really be a senior, he's only seventeen." Chris explained.

Oh how fortunate am I. If Benji were in high school, he would probably be at MY high school. And that would've meant he probably would've told all my peers that I am a little mermaid, black lace bra wearing Dominatrix.

But he's smart so it's all good.

"But anyway, do you want to go to the party?" Chris asks.

"Sure. Oh. I've got to go now. Bye." I say quickly, and then hang up.

YAYYYYY!!!! I'm going to a college party!!!

Yippety doo da.


Yippity day!


Oh I had forgotten.

My sad little brother had three of his even sadder little friends over. They're all in his room playing on his Play station 2.

I should go spray them with perfume or something.

Or forcibly paint their toenails.

I know!


I've called Trisha and jacki, now both of them are over here.

Turns out Jacki's mother told jacki that she should've at least thrown better food then grapes and pretzels. She told Jacki that if you're going to start a food fight at least do it right.

Well anyway.

We are going to barge into Tom's room and sit on the boy's then give them makeovers, and then take pictures.

We've each got some sort of make up in our hands as we sneak down toward my brother's room.

Heh. Heh. Heh.

That are sooooooo gonna get it.

Well. That's the end of THIS chapter. Oh and by the way, that whole food fight thing really did happen to me and my friend Aimee. And her mother really told her that whole "if your gonna do it, do it right" thing. And the guy, that coach, he really exists. And he really does carry around a football like that. It's so sad. -Mandy