I am not a Christian. I have no religion. I find that term totally repulsive. I am instead a follower of Christ. One may say, "A Christian is a follower of Christ," and in some instances that may be the case, but in today's world, what a Christian is generally defined as is indeed NOT a follower of Christ.

I have met many Christians whose attitude is arrogant and conceited. They have an attitude that says, "I'm better than you because I'm a Christian." Well, I'm here to tell you right off the bat that being a Christian does NOT make you a better person. Some of the best people with the best personalities in the world that I've been fortunate to meet have been atheistic. Ones religion does NOT make them a better person. It only makes them feel they have meaning in this world.

Because, as some fail to realize, Christianity isn't about what people think it's about. It isn't about the cross that hangs about your neck. It isn't about the Christian music that makes you feel more religious. It isn't about THIS. It isn't about this ESSAY. It's about a man who came to live a perfect life, be a sacrifice for our sins, and conquer death three days later. When people come to realize that, I might begin to call myself a Christian. Until then, I have no religion, I am not a Christian. I am a follower of Christ who plans to teach the world to do the same.