Connor looked up as a pair of arms wound around his neck from behind. He smiled as Troy leaned around to kiss him, the painter's tongue expertly slipping between his lips to tease the inside of Connor's mouth. He reached up, let his fingers tangle in lose blonde hair as Troy's hands unbuttoned his shirt. The book he'd been reading was set aside as Troy moved to stand next to him. Troy's arms shifted, one going behind his back while the other hooked under his knees and he was lifted easily from the couch.

Connor opened his eyes in surprise as Troy carried him a few feet to their open kitchen. Normally moves like this ended in the bedroom. "Troy, what are you..."

The rest of Connor's words were broken off as Troy kissed him again, and Connor suddenly found himself seated on the island counter that divided the kitchen from the living room. "I want to paint you." Connor's shirt was removed as Troy spoke, the painter's mouth moving down the planes of Connor's chest, making Connor shiver.

"In the kitchen?" Confusion filled Connor's mind as he was gently pushed down onto the cool ceramic. Troy didn't even have an easel and canvas set up. He kept his thoughts to himself. Whatever Troy had planned, Connor was certain he'd enjoy it. He lifted his hips slightly as Troy unbuttoned his jeans and started to pull them off. Connor's pants were slid down his legs and dropped to the floor, leaving Connor completely exposed on the counter. He could hear Troy's own clothing falling as well.

Turning his head to the side, Connor watched curiously as Troy opened the oven and pulled out a small tray. "What's that for?"

"Painting." Troy smiled at him and placed the tray on one of the stools next to the counter before easily lifting himself up to join Connor. Two cups stood on the tray, one half-full of an amber substance, and the other just slightly filled by a clear gel. A paintbrush was in each cup.

"But you don't have a canvas...."

Troy's smile turned wicked as he pulled the paintbrush from the amber cup. "Yes, I do." As he spoke, he ran the tip of the paintbrush down the center of Connor's chest.

Connor shivered. The liquid was warm, though not overly. It felt strange on his skin. It didn't run along the curves of his chest like he expected liquids to, instead sticking in a thin layer wherever Troy painted. And then he gasped as Troy's tongue lapped up the liquid. "Troy!" He arched upwards involuntarily into the contact, his eyes half-closing in pleasure.

His lover smiled at him and traced the paintbrush across Connor's lips. Troy's mouth closed over his and Connor tasted sweetness. The scent of honey filled his nose as he leaned up, trying to taste more of the sweetness inside Troy's mouth. He loved the taste of honey, loved it more now that it was mixed with the taste of Troy's lips. His arms wrapped around Troy's shoulders and he slightly lifted himself off the table, sucking intently at Troy's mouth.

Troy broke away, leaving Connor gasping for air as they separated and he was pushed back down onto the counter. The painter dipped the brush into the honey again and started to trace a complex series of lines over Connor's chest. The brush passed over his nipples and he shivered, the sensation of slightly rough bristles on his hardened nubs going strait to his groin. The majority of the lines were concentrated around the upper part of his chest, one long line trailing to his bellybutton with a few short lines breaking off from there. Troy leaned back to survey his handiwork and smiled satisfactorily.

"A rose." Troy's eyes weren't on Connor's chest as he said that. Connor blushed as Troy's fingertips traced the side of his cheek. He turned into the touch, nuzzling the painter's hand and letting his tongue dart out to lightly brush the other man's palm. Carefully, Troy leaned down to kiss Connor's forehead, his body arched so as not to disturb his painting.

Connor held his breath as Troy moved his mouth down to his chest. His lover's tongue darted out, lightly brushing a trail at the center of the rose. He followed the lines of the petals to the right, his mouth the only point of contact between their bodies. Connor arched up to meet the mouth, the counter below him a chill contrast to the heat spreading through him from Troy's mouth. Troy teased Connor, circling around the sides of Connor's chest but ignoring the points Connor really wanted him to touch.

Connor was so intently focused on Troy's mouth and the delightful sensations it brought that he'd forgotten about the painter's hands until he felt his legs being lifted and positioned around Troy's waist. He shivered in expectation. He wanted to feel Troy inside of him. He didn't know how much longer he could wait before Troy's mouth drove him insane. The wet caresses made his nerves stand on end, and already he felt like his entire body was alive and responding to Troy's every movement. Lips parted, his breath was growing more and more shallow as Troy lapped at his chest. All of his attention was focused on what Troy was doing, everything beyond them completely forgotten.

Troy's hands were moving outside his field of vision, gone from his legs after they were positioned and then returning to run along the undersides of his legs. The wetness at his entrance was softer than he expected but his mind was distracted from thinking about it as Troy's mouth closed on his right nipple and sucked hard. Connor moaned, straining off the counter in an effort to get closer to the warm suction. The wetness pushed inside suddenly, driving deep inside of him and moving in a fashion that made his eyes widen. Something small and hard pushed through him, several softer fibers trailing behind it and coating his insides with warm liquid. Connor suddenly realized what the other cup was for and he gasped as the paintbrush was pulled slightly out, the moment when the bristles shifted direction making his hands claw at the countertop and cry out slightly.

Troy moved down his chest as he worked the paintbrush inside him, occasionally taking the brush out to dip it in the cup and gather more lubricant. Troy's tongue dipped into his bellybutton and Connor buried his hands in his lover's hair, needing some point of stability in the flood of emotions washing over him. Just when he thought he'd gotten used to the strangeness of the brush inside of him, Troy changed tactics. Connor screamed, his hips bucking off the counter as Troy twirled the brush between his fingers and rapidly moved it in and out. Wetness gathered between his legs and Connor called his lover's name urgently, knowing he couldn't last much longer. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he trembled violently, mind spinning out of control from overflowing sensations.

The paintbrush was removed quickly and replaced by Troy's fingers, the wet digits stretching his insides as fast as possible without causing him pain. The invasion was a welcome one, something he was long used to, and he bucked his hips into the touches in anticipation. Troy worked his way back up Connor's chest, randomly biting and sucking at random points of flesh, leaving tiny marks in their wake. A strangled moan broke from Connor's lips as he felt Troy position himself and he closed his eyes, his head lolling back against the counter. One quick thrust and Troy was blessedly inside, filling Connor perfectly, the way he needed to be filled. Connor screamed his lover's name as Troy found the last honeyed spot on Connor's chest, biting his left nipple sharply. Their bodies came together then, Troy pressed fully on top of him with delicious weight as he shoved himself repeatedly into Connor's entrance. "Yes! Please! Ahn.... Troy!" Connor's cries filled the kitchen, desperate, passion filled screams that were Troy's alone. He bucked wildly, hips franticly trying to force Troy deeper inside of him, trying to unite with his lover as hard as possible almost as if trying to fuse their bodies into one. Troy's hands reached between them and Connor's mind overloaded, spilling his seed into Troy's tight grip. His mind blanked as he arched almost completely off the counter, gasping loudly as his body exploded in sensations. Tears beaded at the side of his eyes, unshed, as he clutched at Troy and struggled to breathe.

Strong arms wound around him as he came down, Troy's hips moving frantically against him. "Connor. Love. I need you..." Troy was whispering in his ear, nipping and sucking on the rim of his ear and the flesh just below it. Connor tightened his arms around his lover, every part of his body welcoming Troy into him and relishing in the feeling of the other man moving inside of him. Another fast thrust and Troy followed him, Connor's name on his lips as he emptied himself into his lover. Troy's arms held him until they both had calmed somewhat, though Connor could feel himself still trembling slightly. Troy stared down at him with a gentle expression, his eyes soft and full of tenderness. Connor leaned up to kiss Troy, leisurely tasting the honey left over in Troy's mouth. He lapped at the insides of Troy's mouth, occasionally breaking away for a breath of air as he tried to get the few remaining honeyed spots left there.

After a long while Connor broke away to smile up at Troy with a sleepy expression. "I like that kind of painting."

Troy nuzzled the side of his face. "I thought you would, love."

"I love you." Connor kissed the side of Troy's face closest to him and watched his mate smile.

"I love you too, darling." Troy shifted slightly, pulling out of Connor's body somewhat reluctantly. He took one look at Connor's drooping eyelids and chuckled. "We should move to the bed."

Closing his eyes, Connor pulled Troy back on top of him. "I'm comfy here." He nuzzled his head into Troy's shoulder and felt himself starting to drift.

With another chuckle, Troy slipped away. Connor pouted at him as he moved away, his expression changing into a sleepy smile when he was lifted into Troy's arms.

"You'll catch a cold if we stay out here." The words sounded distant to Connor as he wound his arms around Troy's neck, his head lolling to lie against Troy's neck. He was asleep before they reached the bedroom.