What is love?

This feeling that you speak of

It's the timeless smile on your face

There one minute, then gone without a trace

Joy that seems to cloud your eyes

And soon, brings tears that you despise

It's the beauty and serenity of it all

One unsteady step and then you fall

It's the sweetness that you find

The sugary death invading your mind

It's all the emotion that you feel

Given to you like your last meal

Soft eyes and gentle words

Adding to pain you don't deserve

A feeling of lightness in your head

Contradicting the harsh words not yet said

Head swimming, making you forget

The looming feelings of regret

Darkened thoughts giving way

Only to return another day

Joining others just like you

Making you remember what to do

Simple expressions holding tight

Only to loosen and then take flight

If love is what seems so bad,

Then why is it the one thing I wish I had?