By:Andrew Troy Keller

I was sixteen when I had discovered that my mom,Victoria Roddenberry was living a double life.
On Thursday,April 3rd,my dad was working late at his office and my mom had opened my bedroom door to check up on me.
After she had noticed that I was safe in bed,she had closed the door and left to go to her 'mothers group' meeting--or so she had said.
Anyway,after she was gone,I had gotten out of bed,snuck out of the house and took an RTA bus over to the Gund Arena,where the hottest heavy metal band in the universe,Steelclaw were performing at.
As soon as I had arrived,everyone else were trying to barge their way backstage to get a glimpse of the band.
Luckily for me,the security guards were way too busy with the crowd to notice that I had snuck past them.
But then,after I had made it inside,I had walked over to one of the dressing rooms and saw something that had made me wish that I had stayed outside.
My mom was having sex with a man who was not my dad.
Suddenly,the man had looked at me and asked,"Say,Viper.Isn't that your daughter?"
After she had heard that,she had looked at me and asked,"Jessica,what the hell are you doing here?"
Just then,after she had taken me home,Dad was there and also in shock over her choice of dress.
After they had ordered me to my room,they both had yelled their heads off at each other,while in my room,I had looked at the poster of Steelclaw with Viper on it--and started to cry.
A couple of months after all that yelling,my parents had gotten divorced.
As for me,I had never gone to another Steelclaw concert ever again.