The world has been changed. No longer do politics and world leaders decide the fate of their people. Ever since the day that he appeared, the world has been thrown into darkness. War erupted across the globe, but when the dust settled only the strong were left; as well as the innocent people. The key to survival is the sword. Either you live by the sword or you die by the sword. However, nobody has the power to stop the all powerful young man bent on the destruction of the human race. As he moved across the US, everybody was killed in his wake. Nobody can stand up to his awesome powers. With nobody to stop him, Koji will soon destroy the human race and give birth to a new world.


"Come on Elli, he's coming! We have to get out of here before he finds us!" The young girl tugged her friend by the arm, but the brunette would not move.

"No, I'm not going to run from him any longer. He killed my family and now I'm going to kill him!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. Her friend fell back and then ran off, leaving Elli alone to face the monster. She stepped forward, clutching the wound on her shoulder. The blood had soaked through her light blue shirt and was beginning to stain her hand.

"That's easier said then done little girl." She gasped as she looked at the man who had killed her parents. He looked to be barely a year older then her, about sixteen. No man, just a boy. She growled and threw her fist at him. He caught her hand and pulled a gun to her head. She stared at it, her eyes wide with fear.

"Any last words?" She gritted her teeth and growled at him again. Tears flew from her eyes as she shook her head. Slowly, she brought her hazel eyes back to look into his completely black ones.

"Do you not have a soul? How can you kill so many people without even thinking about it? That must hurt you on some level." He sneered at her, tossing her fist away as he pulled another gun up, aiming it at her chest.

"I kill because I enjoy listening to my victims scream and seeing the pain and fear in their face. Once I have killed everybody on this planet, I can rebuild the Earth to my liking. You humans are weak." He grinned evilly as he saw the grief and horror in her eyes. That was the look he wanted her to give him.

"You are a sick bastard!"

"And you're dead!" The bullet from his gun erupted out the back of her chest. Elli stumbled back and fell to the ground, gasping for air in ragged breaths. She looked up at him, though the tears welling up in her eyes stung a little as she did so. He stood over her with the tip of a sword pointed at her neck.

"Just stop struggling. It's much easier for you that way. But, it's more amusing for me if you fight the inevitable." Another moment passed, Elli continued to struggle to hold on to her life. The darkness was creeping up on her, but she was in no hurry to meet it. Tears streamed down her face, thoughts of her parents and how this boy standing over her had killed them.

"You looked surprised; surprised to know that a mere boy has brought such destruction to your home world. It doesn't matter to me what you think, you'll be dead in a matter of moments. After you're gone, I'll find your friend and make her suffer like you are." Elli tried to scream, to protest; to stand up against this tyrant.

"You." Her words were silenced as he brought the blade down through her neck. Blood gurgled and slowly spilled from her mouth before she fell motionless.

"It was your time, don't worry. Everybody has to die at some point, better sooner then later." He pulled the blade out of her throat and cleaned off the end before placing it on his back again. A sneer flashed across his face as he felt the girl's energy being transferred into his body.

"Perfect, by the time I have destroyed the human race I will be invincible!" Something struck him weakly in the back. Her friend had come to help.

"You are a sick person! How could you just kill her like that, after everything she has gone through?" She began to bring her fist into his back again when the world erupted with sound. Her body fell to the ground, the boy's gun smoking as he smiled. The bullet had gone straight through her head, between her eyes. A man moved to run from the scene, but he tagged him in the back of the head with another bullet from his second gun. Smoke rose from the barrel.

"That takes care of this place. Where to now? I don't think there's a major city left in the US I haven't destroyed." A noise from behind him caught his attention. He spun and fired his gun. The bullet went wide as whoever was there knocked it off course. Slightly amused, he smiled. Koji extended one hand as the life energy from his two latest victims was transferred to his body.

"Well I'll be damned, what do you want kid?" The boy standing down the street in front of the destroyed bank smirked at him as he switched his stance, raising his sword above his head and crouching slightly.

"The name's Rageshi, and I suggest you try to remember it. I plan to be the one to kill you slayer!" He smiled and tossed his hair out of his face as he kept his gun trained on Rageshi.

"Well Rageshi, that's a big boast for such a small child. And for the record, I'm Koji, not slayer." Koji threw off his cloak to reveal the chest plate to a suit of armor and a shoulder plate on his right shoulder.

"Well child, let's see what you've got! Don't expect me to go easy on you though. Either you prove you have potential or you die!" He grinned, spinning his guns and snapping them back into the holsters on his loose belt. Then, he swung his sword town, drawing a line in the dirt with the tip.

"I'll be nice and give you the first move, go ahead and try me." Rageshi tossed his sword into the air and thrust both arms out in front of him. As his sword spun up into the air, his tan trench coat began to rise from the energy building up in Rageshi's body.

"Try this on for size!" Rageshi screamed as he fired a ball of fire from his palms and at Koji. A few weeks ago, that might have been enough to stop him, not now. Koji raised his sword, striking the fireball away. Shock crossed Rageshi's features as he watched all of his energy go, flying into the sky. More importantly, all of his hopes of beating Koji had just exploded in the sky above them. He finally looked back at Koji and gasped as he stared straight into the barrel of his gun.

"Good shot kid, but not good enough." The gun recoiled as Koji fired, Rageshi gasped and raised his arm up to block his face. His arm flew back from the blow, but the arm guard knocked the bullet away and left only a small bruise. For a moment Koji actually thought the boy knew what he was doing, his arm flew up from the shot just in time to grasp the handle of his sword. Astonished by his save, Rageshi moved his whole body with the weight of the sword, flipping back and landing in a crouch.

"That's nothing." Rageshi lied as he leapt towards Koji, thrusting his blade forward into Koji's gut. Koji sidestepped at the last moment, causing Rageshi to fly past him. He brought the butt of his gun down into the base of Rageshi's skull as he passed. The boy fell to the ground unconscious.

"I'll spare you this time, next time you won't be as lucky." He fired one shot through Rageshi's arm, smiling at the scream that returned to his ears. Koji grunted and left.

"That kid was strong, inhumanly strong! He couldn't of them? Could he?" He spared one last glance on the boy before leaving the ruins of the once great Washington, DC.


"You don't understand the power you have been given! You are reckless Koji, you are going to get yourself killed before you can complete the mission!" Koji's eyes snapped open as the words returned to his thoughts, what had they known anyway? Thanks to him, the whole corporation was destroyed, he was the last of his kind to his own knowledge. He smirked.

"What was it he had said about lab rats again? Oh yes, they must stay confined to their cage. Sorry doctor, but this rat has no intention of waiting to die in a cell. I will make the whole world suffer for what I was put through. Nobody attempted to save me, why does that child wish to stop me from ridding this world of filthy scum like the scientists who turned me into a walking time bomb?" Another two hours and he would be in New York. From there, he would head across the Atlantic and into Europe.

"Where do you think you're going?" Koji turned around, shocked at the image he was greeted with. Rageshi stood before him, one hand held tightly over the wound in his arm. Had he followed him all the way from DC?

"I'm leaving to complete my goal. What do you expect to do in your state? Stop me? Hmph, don't make me laugh kid." A growled escaped his throat as Koji spoke to him. He released his wound and held both palms out in front of him as he formed a fireball in his hands.

"Stop calling me kid!" He fired the orb of flames into Koji's gut. It impacted with his stomach and knocked him back. Another followed shortly and sent him sprawling out on the ground.

"Perhaps I underestimate you." Koji smirked and flipped up to his feet. In a second he was on top of Rageshi, both guns pointed at his head. Rageshi stumbled back and fell in surprise.

"I've got a proposition for you Rageshi. Join me and I'll let you live!" Rageshi grunted.

"And what if I don't?" He sneered down at him, chambering the next round in both of his guns.

"What do you think will happen?" He fired one shot into his shoulder, directly were the last bullet had impacted. The force of the bullet ripped the wound open again. Rageshi gritted his teeth and tried not to scream as he looked up at Koji.

"I would never help a heartless murderer like you!" He spat at Koji. Koji moved one hand to his face and wiped the spit from his cheek.

"Ah well Rageshi, I was hoping you would see things my way. I hoped you would understand that the people of this planet are foolish and do not deserve to live. After all, we are one in the same, are we not?" Something like shock struck Rageshi's face.

"What are you talking about! You don't even know who I am, or where I came from!"

"You are very wrong kid, I am just like you. I was created because people believed they could play god and speed up human evolution. As you can see, they were successful in evolving us, but I refuse to take orders from inferior beings. That is where their mistake came in." Rageshi shook his head.

"No, the power you have been given is making you believe that they are all inferior. You're the inferior one! How can you kill without remorse? Without feeling the slightest bit of pain or regret?" Koji chuckled slightly and moved away from him. He placed his guns back on his belt and began walking away, turning his head to look over his shoulder.

"We were created to be the perfect weapons. I am the perfect weapon, and I will destroy the human race to make way for my own breed of superior beings! If you wish to stop me, then go right ahead and try. However, be prepared to die the next time we meet, for I do not spare anybody twice." Five seconds passed before either of them moved. Rageshi leapt to his feet and leapt towards Koji, attempting to run him through with his blade. Koji anticipated and swung his sword upward, knocking Rageshi's sword into the air and cutting open his stomach before he swung again and brought the blade across his face.

"You've got a lot of work to do if you want to beat me. You'd best learn how to use that sword kid, or else I'll tear you apart in Europe." Only silence answered him as Rageshi fell to his knees and watched him leave. His vision split Koji from one form to two, then four. Finally, the forms blurred together and he blacked out as he fell forward and landed face-down in the dirt.