"Yeah, they say the guy's a real lunatic. He must be to have wiped out a whole country." Koji smirked as he listened to the men in the bar talk about him. None seemed to realize he was in the room with them. Finally, one of the men walked over to the bar and smacked him in the shoulder softly.

"Hey kid, don't you know you're too young to be here? You better get out before somebody gets hurt." The man began to crack his knuckles when a single gunshot rang through the room. A stream of blood ran from the hole in the man's head. He lay on the ground, dead.

"Too late." Koji grinned, he had made the shot over his shoulder.

"Deadly accuracy today, better then normal." He stood up and moved away from the bar as he placed the gun back in its holster. The people in the bar were all silent, eyes on him as he looked over them. He laughed as he extended an arm and felt the energy rush into his body.

"Who wants to be next?" Nobody answered; they all ran for the exit. Koji grinned evilly as he picked them off, each bullet hitting its mark. One final shot and all the men and women in the bar were laid to rest. The smoke was still rising from the barrel as Koji holstered the gun and held his palms out in front of him. His laughter sliced through the silence, he watched the energy flow from his victims and into his hands.

"A very significant increase if I do say so myself. Well, let's see just how much of an increase." Orange energy glowed in his palm as he raised his arm above him and released the energy. What had once been the most popular pub in the UK was now no more then a pile of rubble. The dust parted for Koji, making way for him. The US had been decimated in only a few weeks, England would suffer the same fate much sooner.

"Mum, look at that boy! Doesn't he look familiar mum?" The boy looked up at his mother then back at Koji, who only smiled sinisterly in return. Without saying a word, the mother picked up her child and ran down the street. She did not get far before a bullet went through her heart, catching the child in the stomach. A scream escaped the boy's throat as he scrambled away from his dead mother and stared in horror at Koji.

"That's right kid, scream. It's the only thing you'll be able to do. And in a few short seconds you won't even be able to do that." Koji held one palm out as if grasping thin air, his other hand held the gun aimed at the child's head. The boy squeezed his eyes shut as he waited for Koji to fire, but once he did he found to his relief that he was still alive. He looked up to see another young man standing with his back to him, a sword drawn. A frown crossed Koji's face as he jerked his head sideways, the bullet glanced off his cheek and he growled at Rageshi.

"You again! I thought you would have learned by now that your are inferior to me! You can't stop me!" He fired off two rounds, one aimed at Rageshi and the other aimed at the boy. Rageshi gasped as he moved to stop both of them, Koji was much faster then he had been a week ago in America. Just barely moving in time, Rageshi managed to stop both shots. One ricocheted back at Koji and ripped the cloth of his cloak. Koji looked at the hole then growled as he turned his attention back to Rageshi.

"How dare you even think of attacking me! You will suffer the same fate as everybody else who has opposed me!" Another shot from his gun caught Rageshi in the leg. He fell to one knee, gritting his teeth as he glared at Koji.

"Go ahead and do it you insane freak!" The cloak fell from around Koji's neck as he pulled his sword off his back. He tripped on his left foot purposefully, breaking into a run and leaning forward as he pulled his blade back to behead Rageshi. Before he could reach him though, his mind was filled with an explosion of noise. He fell forward, dropping his sword and clutching the back of his head as he hit the ground.

"What's going on? Make it stop! It hurts!" He writhed in pain as the noise in his head intensified to a deafening roar. Something told Rageshi he should take the opportunity to stop him, but he could not stand to do so. If he killed him, he would be no better then Koji.

"Get outta my head!" He screamed as he stood up, the world was suddenly engulfed in a light that dwarfed out the sun. Rageshi screamed as the light burned at his skin. Koji's body went numb and the light slowly vanished before he fell to his knees and then to the ground in a motionless heap.


The world slowly came back into focus. A few blinks later, Koji could see just where he was. It was some type of cell, dark and dank. Sounds of rats scurrying in the walls and dripping water helped him figure that it must have been underground. Koji pushed himself up to his knees; his arms throbbed as he did.

"I was beginning to think you would never wake up? How are you feeling my little rat? Somewhat uncomfortable I hope?" The man standing outside the cell was wearing a white lab coat, he laughed as he spoke. The man's brown hair and thin beard struck him as familiar, but Koji could not place a name to the face.

"I didn't think you would be. You were told not to use your powers this way. Because you did, look what has happened to you! I suggest you agree to cooperate from this point Koji, unless you wish to die a very painful death." He held up his hand, revealing a small remote with a few buttons on it. Koji grinned evilly at the man; he remembered who he was now. He threw one arm forward and sent an invisible wave of energy at the scientists. The doctor screamed in pain as his arm was ripped from its socket and sent flying into the wall.

"You are the only one around here who is going to die a very painful death Dr. Douglas. You must have been the one responsible for that noise in my head before. I guess I have to thank you, I must have destroyed the city with that explosion." Koji breathed in deeply.

"Yes, I can feel it. The power is almost unimaginable." He waved his arm, the bars across the cell came off their hinges and Koji willed them to ensnare the doctor.

"I want you to answer a very important question before I kill you Douglas. Was I the only surviving test subject?" Douglas gasped for air; Koji was slowly squeezing the life out of his body with the bars. He was hesitant to tell him, but after applying a bit more pressure to his chest Douglas was happy to respond.

"Yes! We created another to destroy you in case something like this happened and you rebelled. You idiot! You really believed we were dumb enough to trust that you would willingly obey every order we gave you?" Koji sneered and crushed him inside the bars, laughing at the screams of the dying doctor.

"That child is your brilliant attempt to keep me in line? You scientists are all idiots. I grow stronger while he refuses to kill. Nobody that refuses to kill could possibly defeat me! Sorry doctor, but you won't even be privileged enough to lend your power to me. You're worthless, and you're about to be disposed of, just like the rest of the trash on this planet." Another smile crossed his face as the doctor gasped once more, then stopped breathing. Something else crossed his mind, and he growled in frustration.

"I should have asked him where my guns are. Damn, I knew I forgot something!" Something seemed amiss, how could he have so easily escaped? Wasn't his escape their top priority? He'd been gone for over four weeks and all they could do was throw him in a cell? No, Koji figured there was more behind the story.

"Perhaps I should search this building thoroughly. I don't want anymore surprises, especially where these scientists are concerned. With minds like theirs, there's no telling what might be waiting for me here." He muttered to himself while he treaded slowly and cautiously through the lower levels of the building. The realization that he was alone in the building took a few minutes to sink in before he finally believed it. After stumbling blindly through the building for the better part of an hour, Koji came across a doorway marked: "MAIN CONTROL".

"Douglas was a very paranoid person. I wouldn't be surprised if he kept my guns with him after he threw me in that cell." He nodded and smirked when he found his guns and cloak sitting on a desk in front of a huge monitoring system. He picked up his guns, placing them in their holsters then pulled on his cloak. As he pulled on the cloak, he picked up his sword from beside the chair and swung it through the air.

"No, something's not right about this." As if on cue, a huge mechanical arm grabbed him, plowing him through several walls before pinning him to one. He grunted and pulled one arm free.

"So this is what they've been doing. I thought I had taken care of all these damn scientists only to find out they have a second base of operations somewhere else!" He reached for one of his guns and growled when the mechanical monstrosity holding him pounded Koji into the wall. It released him as the wall crashed down on top of him. Koji pushed the rubble off him and glared up at the monster. He wiped absently at the blood dripping from his mouth and smirked.

"Impressive, its strength almost matches my own. But-" He pulled one gun out of its holster and fired at the optical sensor in the middle of the machine's head. The red orb exploded, blinding it.

"Almost just isn't good enough!" With one movement, he leapt towards the machine and sliced through it with his sword. The mechanical being fell apart literally. Wires sparked and died as the two pieces hit the ground.

"And strength is nothing without skill." He placed the sword on his back and holstered his gun again. Koji grinned, he was stronger then ever and he had the departed doctor to thank for it. Without a second thought Koji threw his energy out of his body. The orange energy exploded outward in a large sphere. It destroyed the entire building, then shrunk and was pulled back inside Koji's body.

"That was a nice rest, now I think it's time I get back to the task at hand. That foolish child had best stay far away from me if he still values his life. If not-" He raised one hand, it sparked and crackled with orange energy. Part of him hoped Rageshi was smart enough to stay away. But as the seconds ticked past, he dismissed the idea. Now, the boy's blood was the only thing that could satisfy his need to kill now.

"I will be glad to put him out of his misery." Koji put his lowered hi arm, hiding it beneath his cloak. In the distance, he could barely make out a city. The darkness did not help much either, but the lights helped him verify that it was there. He knelt down and placed one palm against the soil beneath his feet. A wave of power surged through the ground. When he looked back up, the lights began to vanish. It did not matter where he was. As long as he could still kill, he was happy.